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Standing out for the right reasons at interview

You’ve decided to land that dream job in 2021. Perhaps you lost your job due to COVID. You might have lost your mojo at work and want a new career. Perhaps you’ve gained enough experience to secure a more senior position and make more money. It could be you’re re-entering the workforce after a career break.

The key is to stand out when going for a new job, but for the right reasons. Standing out for the wrong reasons can get you into hot water.

The recruiters at face2face have pulled together these ways to stand out with style during your job search and at interview.

Don’t fudge your resume

You might think fudging on your resume will help you win a job, but chances are you’ll get caught and suffer the repercussions. Outright lying or exaggerating the truth is unethical and can damage your reputation irreparably. Just think of the embarrassment if you’re discovered. And even if you get the position, it won’t take long for management to discover you aren’t performing because you don’t have the skills you claim to have.

Here’s how to do the right thing on your resume, to keep your reputation intact.

Clean up your digital profile

Employers and recruiters regularly check out digital profiles when looking for quality candidates. Figures vary but some say more than 90 per cent of employers will check out your social media profiles before interviewing you.

How you look and act online says loads about how you might operate in a workplace. It can sway an employer for or against you—without you even knowing it.

To stand out during your job search, tidy your digital profile, including on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and any another other platform. These steps will help you.

Be upfront about a career break

It’s OK to have taken a career break. People do so for many reasons. You might be recovering from burnout, raising kids, or taking care of an ill family member. You may have travelled or studied. Perhaps you’ve worked or volunteered for a company in another industry, to broaden your horizons.

No matter what the reason, it’s best to pitch your career break so it’s logical on your resume. Follow these tips for doing so.

Choose referees well and brief them

You’ll want to stand out during your job search by selecting referees who will vouch for you. This is critical when two “equal” candidates have been selected at the tail end of the recruitment process. When this happens, referees can be the deciding factor on who gets the job.

Seek permission from your referees and let them know you’ve put their names forward. Provide them with position details so they’re prepared when they get a call from a recruiter or prospective employer. Referees don’t like being caught off guard and this can have a negative impact on your chances.

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts on referees.

Strengthen your interview skills

Competition for jobs is stiff in today’s market with many positions filled quickly. If you land an interview, be prepared for top performance. Take time to learn how to stand out at interview and make a memorable impression.

Here are our five tips for sharpening your interview skills, and mistakes to avoid.

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