Why choose us?

Not all recruitment agencies are created equally. You want recruitment experts who are skilled, work efficiently and to the highest ethical standards. You want an agency 100 percent committed to getting you the best person in the position asap. At face2face, we have the flexibility and pulling power to attract an average of 700 new job seekers a month. Our database has more than 70,000 candidates.

So why choose face2face?

  We’re locally owned

Want the power of local knowledge but connections across Australia?

If you want to place a candidate in Canberra, which is a unique market, you’ll benefit from our on-the-ground expertise. If you require a candidate to be placed elsewhere, you’ll benefit from our extensive networks in capital cities, major regional cities and even remote parts of the country.

  Replacement assurance

Not satisfied with a candidate we’ve placed?

While a rare occurrence, face2face takes this seriously. If a candidate is deemed unsuitable within a 3-month period, we’ll replace them as soon as possible and at no cost to you.

  Sound strategies and methodologies

Want fail-safe recruitment?

We hear you. Recruitment is a detailed business. face2face systems and processes are tight so nothing falls through the cracks. We’ll tailor our tested, proven  methodology to your needs.

  We’re experts at government/public, private sector and not-for-profit recruitment

Need in-depth knowledge of government and private sector recruitment, across any industry?

We’ve worked on more than 17,000 positions since opening. With the public sector, we’ve worked with more than 100 Australian Government departments. With the private sector, we’ve worked with more than 80 organisations.

  We’re experts in the ICT industry

Ever get frustrated because the recruitment agency you’re working with doesn’t understand the breadth, complexity and unique requirements of the ICT industry?

At face2face, we’re experts at ICT and have a dedicated stream that focuses on nothing but ICT. You’ll benefit from the 55 years’ combined experience in recruiting for the industry, across dozens of specialised positions and covering the full project lifecycle and niche technologies. With us, you work with a company that truly understands the ICT world.

The owner of face2face, Kate Prior, has 30 years’ ICT experience, including as a Director of an ICT professional services company and in ICT recruitment. She’s personally placed 2,000 ICT contractors and permanent staff into positions in the sector. Also, several of our recruitment consultants have extensive experience in the industry.

  We’re an owner-operator business

Tired of your recruitment needs getting lost in the system?

With large international conglomerates and national recruitment agencies, this can easily happen. With face2face there’s no parent company, external investor or stakeholder to manoeuvre. We answer to ourselves and our only priority is to deliver you the best recruitment solution. And as a boutique agency with a flat structure, our systems are streamlined making it easy for you to get in touch with who you need to talk to.

  We’re award-winning

Not every recruitment company can say they’re award winning, can they?

face2face can. Our innovation and high ‘hit rate’ at placing quality candidates is one reason we won the Australian Small Business Champion.

  Highly experienced

Need senior recruitment consultants backed by professional experience?

The team at face2face brings more than 70 years’ experience to the table and is skilled at recruiting at all levels, in all industries and in all sectors.

  Better value for money

Why not work with a company known for its innovative approaches to recruitment?

Innovation runs through their blood. Our value-for-money extends to our competitive rates and open and transparent processes to innovative campaigns which can include (depending on need and budget) marketing videos and strategic social media promotions.

  60 seconds with face2face

Want to save time, money and effort, but still get the best candidate?

A unique differentiator at face2face is our 60 second videos, which we prepare for employers (on agreement) on top-quality candidates. These free videos enable you to go beyond the written skill set. They enable you to select candidates for their personality traits and cultural fit. They help you minimise the risk of losing high-calibre candidates. And they can save you time and money with recruitment.

Find out more by contacting us on face2face@f2frecruitment.com.au or 02 6199 5750.

  Fully accredited

Is your recruitment agency fully accredited?

Not all recruitment agencies hold the RSCA accreditation but we do. To gain accreditation, we had to demonstrate how we add value to the recruitment process, understand and protect the rights of all parties, and maintain and improve our recruitment knowledge. We’re also licensed by the ACT Government to complete permanent placements (a legal requirement).

  We continue to service post placement

Tired of recruiters placing candidates and then disappearing?

Our follow-up service is incorporated into the key performance indicators we agree to with you, as client. Service is long term which ensures continued placement success.

  We receive referrals

Keen to select a company that regularly receives referrals?

Every year the number of referrals we receive grows. This includes personal referrals from employers and jobseekers. It’s a great testament to our high level of professionalism and service.

  We think outside the square

Confused over what to do in a candidate short market?

Despite the state of the market, you want a candidate with the right attitude and an aptitude to learn quickly, not just someone who looks amazing on paper. This includes offering the right soft skills and someone who has the right cultural fit. Thinking outside the square on behalf of employers, is one of the benefits of using face2face.

  We have fun

Is it important to work with a company that has fun?

Yes it is. Why? Because passion breeds success and makes recruitment transactions enjoyable. At face2face, we love what we do, which means we’re motivated to do a great job. We’re experts at getting beneath professional facades and discovering candidates’ human qualities. These qualities ultimately determine how a candidate will perform in your workplace.

Working with f2f is a pleasure, fun and good for my organisation and the people we recruit.

CEO, not-for-profit organisation