Meet the face2face Team

Kate Prior » Chief Executive Officer

Kate began to work in recruitment industry more than 30 years ago and quickly rose to become a senior consultant, working for large international firms. Highly motivated and a lateral thinker, Kate could see the recruitment industry slowly but surely becoming de-humanised and impersonal. The change drove Kate to open her own recruitment business in 2005. Even the name of the business—face2face—reflects Kate’s overriding business philosophy.

face2face grew quickly. We now have more than 200 employers on our books and more than 48,000 candidates on our database.

Throughout her career, Kate has personally placed more than 3,500 candidates in the right job. She has worked for hundreds of Australian Government/public sector, private sector and not-for-profit organisations. Kate has built a long list of loyal, satisfied employers, many of whom have provided face2face with repeat business. And she has a long list of happy candidates.

Kate’s knowledge of ICT recruitment is extensive. She has 30 years’ of ICT experience, including as a Director of an ICT professional services company and in ICT recruitment. Kate has personally placed 2,000 positions in the sector. If anyone understands the ICT market, it’s Kate.

face2face has gone from strength-to-strength with Kate’s drive, innovation, skills and knowledge. The agency won the prestigious National Recruitment Services Awards at the 2019 Australian Small Business Champion Awards (we won this award in 2010 also). for Recruitment Services. face2face also placed finalist at the 2019 Telstra Small Business Awards, Medium and Making Wave Category, ACT.

So what does Kate love most about recruitment? Identifying a candidate’s attributes, regardless of what they’ve included in their resume, and placing them in a rewarding position.

“Too many employers get caught up with written qualifications,” says Kate. “They unknowingly miss out on candidates who have the potential to add amazing value to the workplace. We work hard to uncover that potential and communicate it to employers so these opportunities aren’t missed.”

Jade Hansen » General Manager

Jade Hansen, backed by an MBA in Business and Marketing, has strong business acumen. Throughout her 20+ years’ experience in a wide range of industries, Jade has developed exceptional client relations skills.

As a highly experienced marketing, branding and communications professional, Jade understands the importance of implementing projects while paying strict attention to detail. As an Account Manager, Business Support, at face2face Recruitment, Jade relies on the skill set she’s developed throughout her career in customer-focused industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, retail and hospitality.

What attracted Jade to switch career paths to recruitment?

‘The excitement of working with two sets of clients—candidates and employers—and the immense satisfaction of matching skills to needs,’ says Jade.

Charlene Gardiner » Finance Manager

Charlene Gardiner, our Finance Manager, has a strong background in finance, professional services and recruitment. She initially joined the team to provide support to our ICT recruitment specialists and has since built a wealth of knowledge about our business and the industry, including in the finance arena.

Passionate about numbers and figures, Charlene is armed with excellent attention to detail and time management skills. She ensures our finance process runs smoothly and efficiently. Charlene is also dedicated to getting everything done right the first time, and always  on time.

Nicknamed ‘The Oracle’, what does Charlene love most about her position at face2face?

‘Streamlining processes, developing tools and going all out to make it happen,’ says Charlene. ‘Whatever it takes to make life better for employers and job seekers.’

Mitch Porteous » Division Leader, ICT

Mitch Porteous

As the Division Leader in face2face’s busy ICT team, Mitch works with private and public sector clients to support their business needs by recruiting top talent. In doing so, Mitch collaborates with clients to create strong and reliable teams.

What drives Mitch professionally?

“Participating in Australia’s digital transformation, sharing market insights and helping clients build the teams they need to drive forward,” says Mitch.

Lisa Whitehorn » Recruitment Consultant, ICT

Lisa Whitehorn

Lisa brings extensive experience and knowledge to face2face’s ICT team from her various ICT Project and Service Management roles in both government and the private sectors. Her professional background is backed by a combined Bachelor of Arts/Science specialising in Psychology.

With a strong commitment to delivering quality recruitment solutions, Lisa exceeds expectations by meeting candidate and client requirements through high levels of precision and detail.

What inspires Lisa in recruitment?

“Understanding the needs of clients and candidates, establishing strong working relationships and finding the perfect match,” she says.

Prajjwal K C » Recruitment Consultant, ICT

Prajwal K C

Prajjwal has a Master’s Degree in Information Technology (Business Analyst and IT Management). At face2face Recruitment, he is a Recruitment Consultant in Service Delivery on the fast-paced ICT team, applying his technical and specialist knowledge.

Strengths include customer service, attention to detail and a solution-driven approach. Prajjwal is passionate about achieving recruitment results in ICT and backs his professional approach with detailed administration skills.

What inspires Prajjwal?

“It’s rewarding to put my knowledge and dedication to customer service to great use, for the success of jobseekers, contractors and employers,” says Prajjwal.

Madi Cook » Recruitment Support, ICT

Madi Cook

A detailed operator with excellent customer service skills, Madison (Madi) provides high-quality ICT Recruitment Support at award-winning face2face Recruitment.

Madi follows a set methodology and applies great time management skills to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Recruitment is a fresh start for Madi, who has transferred the skills she developed in-depth during her time in the busy and fast-paced travel industry.

Why is Madi so passionate about recruitment?

‘I love being on a high-performing team, taking on new challenges and helping face2face drive forward on its recruitment goals,’ says Madi.

Loretta Pabian » Senior Account Manager, Business Support

Loretta has worked in the recruitment industry since 2008, including with  public and private sector clients, across a wide range of industries and with the most senior roles. She is a Senior Account Manager, Business Support at face2face and is well known and respected for being results oriented, solution focused, client-centric and highly approachable.

Loretta holds a Masters in Marketing Communication and Bachelor in Advertising and Marketing. Before joining the recruitment industry, she worked as a professional marketing manager. Loretta was also a leasing executive in the commercial retail, media and advertising space.

Loretta is a relationship builder who works hard to understand each client’s business requirements and then help them achieve  their goals. She has spent most of her career specialising in business support recruitment but is also talented in many other areas of recruitment.

A strategic thinker and creative recruiter, Loretta specialises in developing strong and effective relationships with clients and working closely with them to deliver the best outcomes for their business needs.

What is Loretta’s main motivation with recruitment? Sourcing the right person for the right job at the right time.

“I’m passionate about helping employers find quality staff and candidates find quality employment,” says Loretta. “I can’t think of anything more rewarding.”

Ashlee Marques » Account Manager, Business Support

Ashlee MarquesAshlee handles a wide range of Recruitment Support responsibilities as a member of the face2face Recruitment Business Support team. Before joining face2face, she gained experience in the industry, working for a large recruitment agency. Throughout her career Ashlee has also built extensive skills in customer service and in the office assistance environment.

Ashlee, who was born and raised in Canberra, is now studying for her Bachelor of Communications.

What makes Ashlee so passionate about helping people through face2face Recruitment?

“Being rewarded by conducting candidate searches, building relationships and supporting Account Managers in every way I can to get the job done,” says Ashlee.

Tony Sapsford » Account Manager, Business Support

Tony Sapsford

Tony operates in Account Management, Business Support, at face2face Recruitment where he contributes to the high-performing team by applying his problem-solving skills, ability to juggle multiple priorities and attention to detail. He has worked on both sides of the employment fence—in a recruitment role and as an employment consultant.

Before joining face2face, Tony built skills in the fields of education, research, customer service and administration. He is expert at identifying employer and jobseeker needs and providing tailored service.

Tony is solutions focused. He gets a buzz out of solving problems, and developing new workplace processes.

What motivates Tony to work in recruitment?

“I understand the unique challenges and obstacles jobseekers face in the modern employment world,” says Tony. “Helping them seek meaningful opportunities and guiding them to meet the expectations of potential employers is incredibly rewarding.”.

Lydia Moore » Account Manager, Business Support

Lydia Moore

Lydia’s choice to enter the recruitment industry was born of a desire to source quality talent for employers and assist jobseekers to secure their dream roles.

Lydia was raised by two small business owners and so understands the immeasurable impact an individual can have on operations. Before joining the face2face team, Lydia worked in the fast-paced real estate industry and, more recently, for the Allhomes | Domain Group.

What drives Lydia?

“Human connection,” says Lydia. “The relationships we cultivate are precious and I deeply appreciate diversity and individual uniqueness. It helps me gain insight into matching jobseekers and employers.”

Marietta Rudolf » Talent Manager, Business Support

Marietta brings to face2face Recruitment more than 15 years’ experience in relationship management, customer service, marketing, media liaison, public relations and event management. She’s passionate about her work, prides herself on excellence in customer service and is experienced in working effectively with people of all levels and in all industries. Marietta applies these strong these skills to her role as Account Manager, Business Support. Having lived in Canberra most of her life, Marietta has strong connections, including with business owners, captains of industry, senior public servants as well as state/territory and federal politicians, including Prime Ministers.

What brings Marietta to her new career chapter in recruitment?

“I wanted a role in which I could apply all my skills and energy,” says Marietta. “Recruitment is a perfect match. We’re dealing with people’s lives, helping them to progress, grow and reach their goals. That includes organisations wanting candidates that match their culture and candidates looking for a fabulous job.”

Emma Pointon » Recruitment Support, Business Support

Emma Pointon

With excellent time management and coordination skills, Emma Pointon is a perfect match for her Recruitment Support role at face2face.

Emma loves working with people and applies her excellent customer service skills to the hectic world of recruitment. She thrives on helping jobseekers find stimulating positions and employers secure the best talent for the role at hand.

Why is Emma so passionate about recruitment?

“It’s a real buzz to secure the right skills for the right position,” says Emma. “This helps organisations be the best they can be.”

Chloe Webb » Recruitment Support, Business Support

Chloe Webb

Chloe is a motivated self-starter with a sharp client focus. Experience in retail and government customer service positions has taught Chloe the power of being thorough, methodical and detailed in all responsibilities, valuable attributes in fast-paced recruitment.

A skill is working to detailed plans and processes so nothing falls through the cracks. Chloe is skilled at supporting clients to manage complex situations with sound solutions. She is an excellent collaborator.

What prompted Chloe to switch to her new career at award-winning face2face?

“The joy of working hard and thinking laterally to assist someone to find their perfect position,” says Chloe.

Jessica Clarke » Contracts and Onboarding Officer

Jess Clarke

Jessica has loved working in busy office environments since she assumed her first office role as an Office Administrator and Receptionist, a position she held for 2.5 years. So, it’s no surprise she has taken to fast-paced face2face Recruitment like a duck to water.

At face2face, as a Contracts and Onboarding Officer, Jessica leverages here wide range of strong administrative skills to maintain effective workflows and perform efficiently in keeping matters running smoothly. Jessica also brings to face2face the customer-focused mindset she developed in previous roles, which motivates her to continually provide clients with the best possible service and experience.

How motivated is Jessica at face2face?

“I’m very motivated. I’m passionate about seeing a business hitting its targets and reaching its goals with the whole team working together to make that happen.”

Vicki Ferrett » Recruitment Administration

Vicki Ferrett

Vicki is passionate about her role in recruitment administration, knowing she is supporting face2face Recruitment to do what it does best—match jobseekers to employer needs.

Throughout her career, Vicki has developed strong administration skills, including as an Executive Assistant in Defence. She’s also exercised these skills in a trade business and in hotel hospitality. At award-winning f2f, Vicki works quickly and efficiently in the fast-paced recruitment environment.

“I’m inspired by the f2f team,” says Vicki. “Everyone plays a valuable role in helping organisations find star employees and individuals find dream jobs. It’s rewarding to be part of this important process.”

Cathy Benson » Recruitment Administration

Cathy Benson

With more than 20 years’ experience in administration support, Cathy has embraced the high-energy world of recruitment at award-winning face2face Recruitment. Cathy is in Recruitment Administration, thriving on doing all she can to ensure matters run smoothly.

Cathy has worked as administrative assistant in large organisations with a strong focus on quality customer service.

Why is Cathy so passionate about her new career in recruitment?

“I’m motivated by working in productive teams that share a common goal of helping others,” Cathy says.