Our Scribe Service Team

Marietta Rudolf is face2face’s Scribe Manager. Dedicated and professional, Marietta solely focuses on providing you with outstanding scribe services and independent panel members, whether you’re in government, the private sector or in a not-for-profit organisation. She does so with the expertise of our Scribe Support personnel, who help coordinate bookings, briefings and processes. Together, the face2face Scribe Team provides responsive, agile and streamlined scribe services for employers nationally. The team excels at matching the best scribe to each assignment.

Drawing on 16 years’ experience in customer-centric roles, across diverse sectors, Marietta analyses your scribe needs, provides advice and guidance, selects the right scribe service, and guarantees quality assurance.

Marietta works with you to supply a scribe for one position and provides scribes to help you manage larger recruitment rounds. She tailors services to your needs, leveraging face2face’s full menu of scribe services. Importantly, if you have never used a scribe before, Marietta will explain your options and guide you on how best to gain the most value from the experience.

With government, Marietta provides extensive knowledge in running merit-based selection processes, to ensure clients attract and source the best candidates and that candidates are treated fairly and with respect.

Marietta manages face2face’s team of 20 scribes. With in-depth knowledge of your needs, Marietta will select the best scribe for your assignments. She is backed by other face2face team members who are skilled at executing scribing assignments, large and small.

Strategic partnership model

Traditional client-recruiter relationships can be effective, but when a strategic partnership arrangement is put in place for recruitment, clients benefit in additional ways. face2faces’s strategic partnership model results in optimised service and cost efficiencies. This approach enables both parties to gather and analyse data for continuous improvement.

Marietta can work with you to help your organisation leverage best-practice recruitment through this strategic partnership model, for the many benefits it offers.

I would like to commend Marietta for the professionalism and efficiency she displayed when I worked with her on a reference this morning. Her easygoing nature and knowledge made the process an enjoyable and easy one. It was a pleasure dealing with her.

Scribe client

For more information or to obtain a copy of our scribing capability statement email scribing@f2frecruitment.com.au or call 02 6199 5750 and ask for Marietta, our Scribe Manager.

Alternatively, complete the form below for a callback: