You know better than anyone how important scribing is to effective recruitment.

With face2face you’re guaranteed your scribing will be handled in line with the Government’s merit principles and Australian Public Service Commission requirements.

You will benefit from accurate and detailed scribing services, prepared in line with best-practice industry standards. Our team of 20 seasoned scribes are all highly skilled, qualified and proven performers with government and public sector work.

Fast turnaround times are, more often than not, important with scribing and we get that. face2face has never been late in delivering on a scribing assignment.

Together our scribes have worked on thousands of scribing assignments over many years – for the recruitment of a single candidate up to hundreds of candidates. You can count on our exemplary bulk recruitment round services.

With scribing you also want quality assurance. With each assignment, face2face provides an overall quality check through a second, independent scribe who examines the work of the main scribe.

Our scribes have worked on candidate recruitment rounds, bulk rounds, APS2, APS3, APS4, APS5, APS6, EL1, EL2 and SES positions. They also have extensive experience with Assessment Centre work.

Core scribing services include:

Application management

  • shortlisting candidates
  • coordinating and scheduling interviews (with candidates and panel members)
  • writing interview questions

Scribing services

  • attending interviews
  • writing individual assessment report
  • preparing comparative assessment report
  • minute taking
  • interview panel member

Merit selection reports

  • preparing selection advisory committee reports

Post interview services

  • undertaking and documenting reference checks
  • providing candidate feedback

Assessment centres

  • arranging or coordinating assessment centres
  • arranging or coordinating individual candidate assessments

Government scribing

Don’t take risks with your government scribing. Select scribes who deliver quality public sector experience.

Our team of scribes has worked for more than 80 government/public departments.

Each team member has multiple years of service with Australian Government assignments. Indeed, our team includes several former career public servants, many from Executive Level (EL1 and EL2) roles. In these roles, they have gained invaluable experience being on recruitment panels. This means they understand exactly what a scribe is required to do for successful recruitment.