Whether recruiting for government, the private sector or not-for-profit roles, using a specialist scribe has many advantages. Taking reliable and detailed minutes for selection committee members is certainly a core scribe service. However, quality, knowledgeable and experienced scribes add value to your recruitment in many other ways.

As an employer, it is key to scope the full spectrum of scribe services, for individual positions and larger recruitment rounds. This will support your immediate recruitment needs, but also enable you to adopt a more strategic approach to future proof your recruitment.

It can be challenging to choose the right scribe. face2face manages a quality, experienced team of 20 scribes who come from diverse backgrounds and offer deep knowledge across all sectors. Our professional, reliable scribes work for organisations, large and small. Some have been scribing for over 20 years and have completed over 600 assignments. Most have direct APS experience.

Our reputation for quality scribing service is demonstrated by our many long-standing relationships with organisations. Multiple clients return to us time and again for their scribing needs.

Benefits of a scribe

Our professional scribes work hard to free you to focus on finding the most qualified and capable candidates. How? They:

  • save you time and money
  • take the load off panel members by taking care of fussy detail
  • support selection committee to make sound decisions
  • provide comprehensive notes and reports
  • help you manage risk and deadlines
  • provide advice and share knowledge on how to leverage scribing to your advantage.

face2face scribe qualities

  • reliable and respected
  • accurate and adaptable
  • personable and professional
  • thorough and trusted
  • expert and experienced
  • fast and focused
  • committed and comprehensive
  • dynamic and driven
  • streamlined and successful

face2face value-add attributes

  • outstanding scribe experience
  • skilled communicators
  • independent advisors
  • excellent work ethic
  • exceptional writers
  • attention to detail
  • skilled facilitators
  • strong time managers
  • experienced meeting tight deadlines

I’ve reviewed the draft selection report, and am very satisfied with the scribe’s summarising of the interviews and the panel’s deliberations – really excellent writing style, accurate and comprehensive. I’ll be happy to recommend face2facef for future scribing activities.

Australian Government client

Never used a scribe before? 

If you’ve been tasked with organising a recruitment firm to run an unbundled or end-to-end recruitment campaign for the first time, you might need additional support. f2f can guide you on the many steps required and provide advice on how to work with and manage scribes effectively and efficiently. We can also provide you with a detailed checklist to ensure smooth, accurate, and efficient recruitment.

Our Scribe Project Manager and Scribe Project Support specialise in guiding new panel members on correct recruitment steps and processes. We also stand by you when using a scribe for the first time, so you get maximum value out of the experience. 

“The scribe captured the panel assessments accurately.  I am progressing the report today with only a few minor tweaks. I would love to work with the scribe again.”

Australian Government client

For more information or to obtain a copy of our scribing capability statement email or call 02 6199 5750 and ask for Marietta, our Scribe Manager.

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