Why choose us?

Let’s face it. Not all recruitment agencies operate the same way or at the same level.

This means it’s wise to choose the agency you feel most comfortable with … an agency you’re confident will do the right thing by you as you seek work, whether it’s your first job, a new job, a career change or a promotion. It’s also wise to choose an agency with a proven track record. We’ve worked more than 12,600 positions in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

So why choose face2face?

  Our services are free

Feeling you can’t afford to go to a recruitment agency?

Think again. You have nothing to lose financially by coming to face2face. You don’t pay for a consultation or advice. And you don’t pay for us to set up job interviews. Unlike some recruitment agencies, we don’t charge to help you develop your resume, your talent profile or interview skills. Our services are free.

  We’re locally owned

Why not be backed by a company with the power of local knowledge and connections across Australia?

If you want to work in Canberra, you’ll benefit from our on-the-ground expertise. If you want to work outside of the capital, you’ll benefit from our extensive networks.

  We’re friendly, fun to deal with and caring

It can be challenging and nerve-wracking looking for work, can’t it?

You want to be understood and you want an expert to focus on your skills and needs. At face2face, we love what we do. We spend time with our candidates to get to know their talents. It’s the best way to ensure you win the best position and the best way for employers to secure the best candidate.

  We’re experts at government/public, private sector and not-for-profit recruitment

Ever felt like the recruitment agency you’re talking to doesn’t understand the industry you want to work in?

At face2face we have in-depth knowledge of government and private sector recruitment – across all industries. We’ve worked on more than 12,600 positions since opening. We’ve worked with more than 80 government/public departments and more than 80 private sector organisations.

  We’re experts at the ICT industry

Ever get frustrated because the recruitment agency you’re working with doesn’t understand the breadth, complexity and unique requirements of the ICT industry?

At face2face, we’re experts at ICT. We’ve worked with dozens of specialised positions, covering the full ICT project lifecycle and niche technologies. With us you work with a company that truly understands the ICT world.

The owner of face2face, https://healthsavy.com/product/accutane/ Kate Prior, has 30 years’ ICT experience, including as a Director of an ICT professional services company and in ICT recruitment. She’s personally placed 2,000 ICT contractors and permanent staff into positions in the sector. Also, several of our recruitment consultants have extensive experience in the industry.

  Our communications continues

Does your recruitment company only act once your contract has run out? We don’t.

We keep our finger on the pulse, aiming to help you with continuous employment. So we start looking for new work for you six to eight weeks before your contract ends. face2face is always proactive and stays on top of your employment prospects and opportunities.

  We’re a boutique, owner-operator business with heart and soul

Not keen on working with a large and impersonal international or national company?

It’s easy to get lost in the bureaucracy of a big company and end up being treated like a number. At face2face, our account management system ensures personal service. As a boutique business we have a vested interest in getting results – our livelihoods depend on it.

  We’re award-winning

Not all recruitment companies can say they’re award winning, can they?

face2face has won the Australian Small Business Champion for our innovative approach, quality service, high percentage of quality recruitment placements and our personal touch. We also placed finalist in the 2019 Telstra Business Awards, Medium and Making Waves category, Australian Capital Territory.

  We provide valuable feedback

A big criticism of recruiters is that you never hear from them, even though you’ve taken valuable time to apply for a position. It’s not fair is it?

face2face is 100 percent committed to providing you with regular feedback, and within one hour of receiving updates from employers on your application.

  Who you see is who you get

Want to avoid being shuffled from pillar-to-post?

Recruitment is about people and face-to-face interaction. At face2face you’re assigned your own Recruitment Consultant and receive consistent service while you look for meaningful work.

  We don’t place candidates and disappear

Ever heard of recruiters disappearing once they’ve placed a candidate?

At face2face our services continue after you start work. We want to make sure you’re settled and satisfied. To do this we maintain ongoing contact for up to four months for permanent placements and every six weeks throughout contracts.

I would like to thank everyone at Face2Face for the professionalism, advice, assistance and humour. If I need a recruitment agency again, I’ll definitely be in contact. I will also highly recommend f2f to anyone seeking employment.

Stephen, candidate