How do we work?

Our service is free. Yes, that’s right. You don’t pay to use our services.

So how does face2face get paid? We receive a fee from your new employer once you start work.

At face2face it doesn’t matter why you’re looking for work. You might be returning to the workforce after being at home looking after the children, re-entering after recovering from an illness, wanting a change of career or a promotion, or keen to be in the workforce as a mature job seeker who still has a lot to give. Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances we’re happy to help – face-to-face.

No matter who you are, looking for a new position can be daunting. That’s why we partner with you to find you work. Here’s how we work:

Stage 1 – Develop your resume

The best way to start looking for work is to register with us online or send your resume to:

Don’t have a resume? Don’t stress. Download our free resume template and visit our latest resources for tips on how to write a fabulous resume.

Stage 2 – Brainstorm with a Recruitment Consultant

To help you find a job,  your resume needs to be in tip-top shape. If you’re unsure how to get it there, that’s OK. We’re experts at helping you, as a job seeker, work out how to describe your skills and look for jobs that match those skills.

We help you look at employment through fresh eyes and may have ideas on positions you might not have thought about or might not have believed possible. This is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do. And our service is free.

Stage 3 – Create your profile

After receiving your resume, face2face creates a detailed profile for you. We use this profile to match jobs that come up to your skills.

As soon as we receive a suitable position, your Recruitment Consultant contacts you and organises a face-to-face interview. Together, we’ll discuss the details of the role, your resume and any questions you may have. You then decide if you want your name to be put forward or if you want to wait for another opportunity.

face2face always keeps you up-to-date. And we’ll advise you on interview tips and what to expect during an interview.

Stage 4 – Your new position

Once you’ve accepted a position with your new employer, we don’t disappear. face2face understands that you’re trusting us with your livelihood and we take this seriously.

We’ll stay in touch over the next 4 months to make sure your transition into your new job is as smooth as possible. And we’re only ever a phone call away.

Organisations should really consider using f2f. Their thorough and quality vetting, role suitability and matching, as well as their superior service, attracts prospective employees who deeply value their work.

James, candidate