Value add

Powerful electronic recruitment software

You’ll receive consistent service delivery though our work methods, backed by powerful, effective electronic recruitment software.

You’ll benefit from our client/candidate relationship management system, designed for recruiters by recruiters. It’s a perfect fit for our line of work, enabling us to follow each step in your recruitment process methodically, so nothing is missed. This powerful e-system provides complete, up-to-date (real-time) information on every assignment so we can report to you at any point.

Service level agreements and key performance indicators

With recruitment you want dependability and accountability. face2face has service level agreements in place for employers. These agreements incorporate our key performance indicators and ensure continuity of service and quality of performance.

f2f takes time to understand and to work with their clients and to build a partnership seeking to get the best outcomes for the organisation by selecting and recruiting the best possible staff. They consistently deliver the highest quality candidates …

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