APS scribes

Scribing in the APS is unique. It supports government to attract and select the right people based on sound, evidence-based decision making.

It’s therefore essential to select a scribe who is skilled at supporting recruitment based on mandatory merit principles, diversity and inclusion, and APS values. Combined, this enables you, as an Australian Government employer, to engage the most qualified people, for ongoing and non-ongoing employees at all levels.

face2face scribes have multiple years of experience across more than 100 government departments for individual positions, bulk rounds, and graduate campaigns. Many are former career public servants, including at Executive Level 1 and 2 positions. Some are recruitment experts, and all have served on recruitment panels, so they understand the vital steps and processes essential to quality, risk-free recruitment.

Our scribes have detailed knowledge of merit-based selection and APS Values. They understand government structure and the way government works. They also understand government terminology and are trained to quickly absorb new content. face2face scribes are familiar with government legislation and policies, including, for example, the Public Service Act 1999 and the Privacy Act 1988.

With government scribing, face2face is available to do as much or as little as needed. You may only want a scribe to attend interviews and take accurate, detailed notes for government selection panel members.

You may, however, want much more. Our high-quality scribes can, for example, write reliable assessment reports. They can help manage applications. They can provide post-interview services and facilitate assessment centres. Importantly, our scribes can also support by analysing and presenting important recruitment data you can use for future planning with recruitment.

Merit-based decisions

face2face scribes understand the key components of merit-based decisions (apsc.gov.au), which is that assessments are to:

  • be made of the relative suitability of the candidates to perform the relevant duties, using a competitive selection process
  • be based on the relationship between the candidates’ work-related qualities and the work-related qualities genuinely required to perform the relevant duties
  • focus on the relative capacity of the candidates to achieve outcomes related to the relevant duties
  • be the assessment is the primary consideration in making the decision.

Government supplier panels

It’s easy to select us for scribe work and easy to book a scribe through our Scribe Service Team.

face2face has won positions on multiple national government-preferred supplier panels, such as the Australian Digital Health Agency, Australian Federal Police, Australian Taxation Office and The People Panel. We are also on the BuyICT and NSW Contingent Workforce panels.

Thanks for all your help and please pass our thanks and gratitude to the scribe … she was a pleasure to deal with and I would not hesitate to recommend her or your company again. The panel was impressed with her natural and easy-going manner.

Australian Government client

For more information or to obtain a copy of our scribing capability statement email scribing@f2frecruitment.com.au or call 02 6199 5750 and ask for Marietta, our Scribe Manager.

Alternatively, complete the form below for a callback: