Services scribes provide

Taking reliable and detailed minutes for selection committee members is a core scribe service. But our scribes do so much more to support the full recruitment process.

Depending on your needs, you can use our scribes to manage:

Application management

  • shortlisting candidates
  • ranking candidates
  • coordinating and scheduling interviews (with candidates and panel members)
  • taking comprehensive, accurate notes
  • using eRecruit systems

Reports and interview attendance

  • attending interviews
  • writing individual assessment reports
  • preparing comparative assessment reports
  • providing independent panel members
  • preparing selection advisory committee reports
  • preparing merit selection reports
  • providing data analytics in dashboards

Post interview

  • conducting reference checks and verifications
  • providing candidates with feedback
  • notifying unsuccessful candidates
  • notifying candidates selected for merit lists

Assessment centres

  • facilitating assessment centres
  • arranging or coordinating individual candidate assessments

Other services

  • develop job descriptions
  • design interview questions
  • manage unbundled services
  • facilitate assessment centres
  • confirm citizenship
  • take minutes
  • facilitate workplace samples
  • confirm security clearances
  • manage bulk recruitment rounds
  • provide recruitment process outsourcing
  • organise criminal history check
  • project manage campaigns
  • organise gamification assessments
  • coach and support panel chairs
  • manage graduate programs
  • manage candidate progress
  • create dashboard reports
  • analyse data
  • serve as independent panel member
  • develop work test samples
  • supply templates
  • conduct quality checks
  • assist with recruitment processes
  • debrief for improvement
  • process analysis

Contact f2f for our scribing capability statement:

 Thank you so much for your help with this process … the write-up is great, and I have used all of it … You’ve made the process smooth and stress-free.         

Scribe client

For more information or to obtain a copy of our scribing capability statement email or call 02 6199 5750 and ask for Marietta, our Scribe Manager.

Alternatively, complete the form below for a callback: