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Many jobseekers are keen on looking for work in government. It’s exciting with government having so much to offer. An Australian Public Sector (APS) position can also be secure and offer room to grow. But to break into government, you need a recruitment agency with in-depth knowledge of the way the public sector operates. This includes in the nation’s capital but also to public sector positions across the country.

face2face has a strong government track record. Indeed, we’ve placed thousands of jobseekers into rewarding government positions – across all industries and sectors and at all levels from Executive (EL), to APS to graduates. We’ve also won places on major, national government panels giving us accesses to an ongoing stream of positions. This experience enables us to punch above our weight.

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An added benefit is how face2face dedicates time to explain to jobseekers how and why the public sector recruits. This includes on the principles of merit and the government’s need to operate to the highest ethical standards. We’ll also explain the government’s values and code of conduct, which is valuable when applying for APS roles.

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