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Strengthen your interview skills today

Even though many Australians have lost their jobs due to Coronavirus-19, positions are still opening on the market. Competition is stiff and many positions are being filled quickly. If you land an interview, it’s wise to be prepared for top performance. Take the time now to get prepare to stand out at interview and make a memorable impression.

Here are our five tips for doing so, and a few mistakes to avoid at interview.

Standing out

  1. Review your resume

Review your resume in detail before your interview so its contents are fresh in your mind. It will be embarrassing if you’re asked about a point on your resume and you’re not ready to walk interviewers through it.

  1. Do your homework

Research the company you’re hoping to work in-depth so you can talk knowledgeably during interview. You don’t have to become an expert but should be able to prove you’ve researched their website, checked out their vision, mission and values, and looked at their publications and other important documentation like their annual report.

  1. Tell stories—they’re memorable

Stories are powerful communication tools. It’s not good enough in an interview to say you have a certain skill. You’ll need to prove you have that skill and a great way to do this is to tell a story around it. Use examples and statistics where appropriate. Telling a great story also illustrates your communication abilities and makes it easier for interviewers to remember you when discussing applicants post interview. Using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique when responding to question that’s perfect for telling a story.

  1. Establish eye contact

Make sure you look all interviewers in the eye throughout your interview. Don’t just focus on the panel member who has asked a question. Don’t look down when answering because this will make everyone uncomfortable and leave interviewers with the impression you lack confidence. Remember to smile.

  1. Look the part

Dress appropriately at interview, bearing in mind the position you’re applying for. If you’re going for a corporate position, a suit or business attire is best. If you’re applying for a blue-collar position, smart casual will likely be fine. Check out the company’s website for images of how management and staff dress. Here are more tips on how to dress for a job interview.

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Arriving late is a no-go, even if you believe you’ve got the best excuse in the world.
  2. Not listening carefully. If you’re asked a question, make sure you answer it, or interviewers will think you’re not a good listener.
  3. Being unprepared. If you can’t even answer a basic question on what the company you’re applying to work for does, chances are you won’t get the job.
  4. Asking about how much vacation or other perks you’ll get. There’s a time and place for this and it’s not during your interview.

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