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Time to dive into a career change?

No one loves to be unhappy or bored at work. No one likes to be worried about job security.

If you fall into either category, you might be considering a career change. Perhaps a job in a new industry or field.

But is now the time to dive in, especially with COVID-19? Here are some issues to think through …

Think carefully before you dive in

When emotions are running high at work it’s easy to convince yourself that until you’re in a new workplace, life isn’t going to be inspirational. Before you dive in, however, first, systematically:

  • make a list of why you’re unhappy
  • work through your skills and interests
  • test your values
  • assess the type of culture you want to work for
  • ask if there is another, more rewarding role, in your current company
  • analyse what career change would truly make a difference to your life.

You might want to talk about your desires to a recruiter, career coach or mentor if you have one. This will help you gain perspective before jumping off that diving board.

Be realistic

If you’re wanting a career change because you have a personality clash with a colleague, feel your boss isn’t a leader, or feel you’ve “been there done that”, consider if there are ways to solve your problem before deciding to change careers.

Perhaps you can work on a special assignment or uncover ways to solve matters, so a career change is the only solution. Or it can help you survive at work until you get to where you want to be.

Do your research

If you want to leave one industry for another, head online and conduct serious research. This will test if you’ll be comfortable with the new industry you’re thinking about. It might be a perfect fit or you might uncover that it’s not.

Think about the benefits

Think about other factors at play. The last thing you want is to switch careers and discover you’re still unhappy, but for a whole other set of reasons. Therefore, ask:

  • Is the pay what you need or expect?
  • Do the hours fit your lifestyle and perhaps family priorities?
  • Is there room for personal advancement?
  • What are the employment perks?
  • Where is the company located?

Figure out how to enter a new industry

Talking to a recruiter about your aspirations can help you focus on how to enter a new industry, especially one you might not have direct experience in. Don’t get us wrong, it’s more than possible to switch careers. It’s just that a career in a new industry takes time and effort.

Focus on your transferrable skills

When you don’t have experience in the industry you want to enter, work through how to position your transferrable skills on your resume and in job applications. The same applies to your soft versus hard skills.

Learn more:

Transferable skills: More important than ever

Soft vs hard skills: Care about the difference

How to get yourself resume ready

Start upskilling

If you decided to enter a new industry, uncover any new skills you need and get moving on learning. Here are seven things to think about to upskill for future.

Think about cultural fit

Cultural fit is key when changing careers. Decide what company culture you want to work in.

This article focuses on the four types of company culture.

Be patient

Changing careers isn’t always fast and easy. It can take patience, so be kind to yourself.


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