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Choosing a recruitment agency to find you work

There’s nothing like that feeling of winning a job. Utter joy.

But looking for work can be frustrating, stressful and even lonely. Being supported in your search, on the other hand, can be a rewarding experience.

This means choosing a recruitment agency that is a great fit for your needs. And this means remembering that not all agencies are equal. Some are new and don’t have depth of experience. Some are too small and busy to give the attention you deserve. Others may not operate in the type or level of work you’re looking for.

You need to make a strategic decision when choosing an agency, and this involves a bit of work. This expert article is here to help …

Make a list

Make a checklist of what’s important to you in a recruitment agency and use it when comparing agencies.

Typical factors to consider include:

  • length of time in business
  • experience
  • size, structure, personality
  • track record
  • reviews
  • government panel arrangements
  • how the agency works
  • accountability
  • help with job offers
  • other added benefits.

Head online

First, head online and explore the company’s website, LinkedIn profile and social media presence. Are they professional-looking, informative and helpful? If not, move on.

Length of time in business

We’re not saying that new agencies aren’t good agencies. They may be headed by a seasoned recruiter who has been in the biz for decades. However, agencies that have been in business for a long time typically have stronger relationships with more clients and an established reputation in the industry.

What we are saying is you need to explore the length of time in business and make sure you’re happy with what you find.

Experience in your line of work

Choose an agency with a track record of placing candidates in the industry or type of position you want, whether that’s your existing field of work or a new sector or industry.

Great recruiters will have information online about the areas they recruit in. If you don’t see a match, keep looking.

Size, structure and personality

Recruitment agencies come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. You may prefer a local, boutique agency that is highly personable. You may, on the other hand, want a large agency with an international presence in a specific sector.

With structure, you may want a team dedicated to your line of work, such as ICT.

This is about ‘fit’ and your comfort level with the agency. There’s a big difference between an agency that cares and one that treats you like a number.

Track record

Explore the agency’s track record. How many positions have they worked on? How many candidates have they placed? A confident agency will share this information.

Also, ask about their track record in winning awards.

Reviews – online and from other candidates

Check online reviews but bear in mind that some who post bad reviews have an axe to grind so be cautious.

Look at the agency’s overall rating on Google, for example. Find out what others think of the agency. Ask for the details of candidates you can talk to.

Government panel arrangements

If you want government work, choose an agency that has competed for and won positions on government panels. Importantly, these agencies have direct access to government departments recruiting for talent. They’re therefore in a position to widen your search.

Information on face2face and government panels

How the agency works

Great recruitment agencies want you to know how they work. This way both parties get off on the right track. The best agencies detail their overall process online, including how often they’ll communicate with you.

How face2face works

Accountability for your search

Ask how the agency will get to know your story and your career aspirations. Will they help you with your transferrable skills for your potential new role?

The last thing you want is to get lost in the shuffle, especially given that most recruitment agencies are super busy.

Learn more about the face2face team

Help with a job offer

The best recruiters don’t abandon you when you receive an offer. They back you through the hiring process, and after.

This includes providing advice when you receive a job offer and helping you negotiate salary, benefits and more.

Added benefits

Check what added benefits the recruitment agency offers, such as:

  • useful expert articles to help with your search
  • handy tools
  • useful templates.

face2face free resources

Other benefits could be:

  • support to develop or enhance your resume
  • coaching to help you perform well at interview
  • valuable feedback post-interview.

Search online for other benefits, including ongoing communications and their culture.

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