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Recruitment myth busters: What you should know

You’ve decided to put yourself out there for new work. Perhaps you’re seeking a career change or a promotion. It could be your entering the workforce for the first time or returning after a break.

Regardless of your circumstances, you may be confused about whether to use a recruiter or search for a new position solo.

At face2face we’ve been in recruitment for a long time … in fact, since 2005.

Over these many years, we’ve learned that some candidates believe in myths about our industry. We decided it’s time to break through the main myths, in the hopes of helping you find a dream job through a positive experience.

Myth 1: It costs a lot to use a recruiter

Busted. It doesn’t cost a lot to use a recruiter. Indeed, our services are free for jobseekers. This includes at any level, in any sector, and anywhere in Australia.

How is this possible? Our fees are paid by employers who use us to source top-quality talent to fill the roles their organisations need to move forward and stay on top of their game.

Myth 2: Recruiters only care about senior roles

Every recruitment agency is different. While some may focus on more senior roles with bigger pay packages, most – including us – are motivated to work at all levels.

Myth 3: Recruiters only care about placements

Recruiters do care about making placements. After all, that’s the business we’re in. But it’s a myth that placements is all that recruiters care about. At face2face, we’re driven first and foremost about finding you the right job at the right time, not just scoring on a key performance indicator to make the big bucks.

As a result, we’ll never convince you or any other jobseeker to take any position just to make a placement, Why would we? This approach is shallow and narrow-minded. It inevitably means you won’t be happy for the long term, and neither will the employer.

We get a buzz out of finding the best match possible, even if it takes more time. Quick wins rarely work in our view. Our culture is to establish long-term relationships to help jobseekers throughout their career and to help employers strategically.

Myth 4: It’s a recruiter’s responsibility to find me a job

This is a bit of a tricky one for some jobseekers to understand. Yes, our prime responsibility is to work for our client, who is the employer who has engaged us to find the best talent for a position. We do so, however, by sourcing jobseekers who are the best fit. This may mean we can’t place you in a job immediately, but at face2face we won’t give up on you – promise!

Myth 5: Filling positions is a paper exercise for recruiters

While a lot of paperwork is involved in the recruitment industry – with many stages and steps involved – it’s a myth that all recruiters do no more than push paper.

Our recruiters are dedicated to helping jobseekers in many ways. That includes with resume tips, cover letter advice, coaching on interviews and discussions on how to think laterally about your transferrable skills. These are skills you may not even know you have.

We also provide free career resources, like expert articles, templates and tracking sheets.

Myth 6: Recruiters disappear as soon as a jobseeker is placed.

This is another myth busted, at least for face2face. We have set processes for staying in touch with jobseekers (and employers) after every placement. That includes for months after a placement is made. We don’t place and then disappear. Rather our contact schedule ensures we stay in touch throughout every assignment (up to 8 months for contracts and the first 4 months for permanent placements.

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