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Want to join the APS? Jobs at all-time high

If you’re looking to work in the Australian Government, now might be the time with APS jobs hitting a 10-year high.

This expert article looks at media coverage on the state of public service jobs. It also provides tips and ideas on how to get ready to apply for APS roles.

The 10-year high

The Canberra Times recently ran an article entitled ‘Public service jobs hit 10-year high’. The article reported that the boom in federal public service jobs should continue this fiscal year, as the new Labour government audits employment levels across the APS to make sure the right staffing and resourcing levels are in place to service the Australian community.

While the surge shows Canberra – the capital – as a major beneficiary, The Canberra Times says other parts of the country are winners too. This includes Brisbane, which has grown its ranks of federal public servants by 1,300.

The Canberra Times also reports that the growth in the public service has been ‘… partly powered by an election-year bump in Australian Electoral Commission jobs, employers including the Health Department, the National Disability Insurance Agency, the Foreign Affairs Department and the former Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment had major increases.’

Some departments are undergoing major growth spurts now, including the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the National Disability Insurance Agency, Services Australia, and Home Affairs.

Labor has promised to bolster resources in some agencies. The Canberra Times reports that the Coalition has ‘hollowed out the public service and relied too heavily on contractors and consultants.’

If you subscribe to The Canberra Times, here is the article.

So what does this 10-year high mean for you as a candidate?

If you’re keen on a job with the Australian Government, now is the time to prepare. Get busy actioning the following ideas.

Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

Updating your resume and LinkedIn profile will position you to move quickly (not being ready means you could well miss out). Here are expert articles we’ve written to help you along:

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Emphasise both hard and soft skills

Emphasise both skill sets in your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letters. Read this article to understand the importance of doing so and gain ideas on how to proceed.

Highlight your transferable skills

Highlight these skills in your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letters. Many candidates underestimate the power of these skills. Here are tips on transferable skills.

Familiarise yourself with the STARR methodology

Understanding the STARR interview technique is essential for government roles. Leverage your knowledge when tailoring your application material to a position’s selection criteria and during interview. Learn more about STARR.

Nail the one-page pitch

The one-page pitch is increasingly popular in recruitment. Many government departments are now asking for written one-pagers, which are concise summaries of your suitability for a position. Learn more and pick up hints on how to nail writing a strong one-page pitch.

Register with a professional recruitment agency

If you’re not registered with a recruiter you’re missing out on opportunities. face2face works on about 350 roles a month that aren’t advertised by government agencies but are rather outsourced to recruiters.

Working through us doesn’t cost you anything as a candidate, so you have nothing to lose. Here are other reasons you should use face2face.

Clean up your social media profile

If you think employers (and recruiters) don’t check out candidates online, think again. They do. Here’s why you need to clean up your social media profile and how to do so.

Learn about police checks

If you’re applying for a government role, chances are you’ll need a police check. Why? They play a crucial role for employers when recruiting. Here are the most common questions we’re asked about police checks, and our answers.

Refine your interview techniques

Once you’ve completed all of the above and are actively applying for jobs, take time to refine your interview skills. These expert articles are packed with information and tips:

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Learn to change negative to positive

If you’re applying for work, you might be nervous knowing how competitive the market is. You might find yourself tied up in negative self-talk instead of positive self-talk as a result. How you talk to yourself can dramatically impact on how you perform in an interview so converting negative talk to positive talk is essential. Here’s how.

Learn more

Our Chief Executive Officer, Kate Prior, has written a book for candidates who want to win a dream job. Resume Success Secrets is packed with practical information and tips. You can buy it on Amazon.

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