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Looking for work? Use a recruiter.

Does anyone really enjoy looking for work, whether they’re entering or re-entering the job market, wanting to get out of a job they hate or looking for a career boost?

For most people the answer is a big, fat NO.

Many find looking for work time consuming. Many find it frustrating. Some even find it a bit scary and overwhelming. These feelings erupt even if you’re super keen to find a job or a new position.

Why not use an expert and experienced recruitment agency to guide you along?

Here are 12 top reasons for doing so.

  1. Our services are free

Yup. It doesn’t cost you anything to use face2face Recruitment’s services. You don’t pay us. The employer does.

  1. We save you time and effort

As a recruitment agency, we handle a lot of the back-end work for you during your job search. Depending on the circumstance, we set up interviews, support you with paperwork and streamline processes as much as possible. When applying for most government positions through a recruiter you don’t have to complete a selection criteria which can take up to seven hours.

  1. Discover jobs that aren’t even advertised

As a recruitment agency, we have access to positions that are often never even advertised. In a fast-paced market, jobs can be filled in a flash. Many don’t even make it to job boards.

  1. Get expert support with your cover letter and resume

Not all recruitment agencies take time to support candidates to polish their cover letters and resumes so they shine as bright as stars in the night, but we do. We know how best to structure a cover letter and resume. We know how to structure your resume. We know what words to use to highlight your experience (especially important if you’re moving from one sector to another like the private to the public sector or vice versa). We also know how to format a resume to best effect.

  1. We get to know your story

Everyone has talent; it’s just a matter of teasing out what that talent is. Our recruitment experts take the time to meet you and interview you and dig deep to uncover your skills, experience and niche in the marketplace. We think laterally about your skills and have fresh ideas on possibilities. We then use your story to search for jobs that match what you have to offer.

  1. Coaching for interviews and to build your confidence

Once you get your foot in the door, we help with extra support to make sure you’re prepped for interview. This includes coaching you through the STAR method of interviewing, so popular with organisations these days. It includes how to respond to behavioural questions, which are increasingly popular in interviews today. It includes coaching you on how to answer challenging questions you may be asked. It includes building your confidence, and more …

  1. Guiding you on referees

We can help you learn the ropes with referees. This includes how best to ask a referee if they’ll help. In includes when to ask them, what to do if you can’t use your current boss as a referee, and how and when to thank referees.

  1. Advising on presentation

It’s true that you only have a few seconds to make a good impression, so why not make every second count? We can guide you on how best to dress for interview, so you impress.

  1. Giving you hot tips on how to conduct yourself at interview

We’ve seen it all and can quickly steer you in the right direction to you make a memorable impression. This includes how to arrive at an interview and when, how to properly greet those who will interview you, how to shake hands and how to use eye contact to best effect during interview. We guide you on how to conduct yourself during an interview—what to do and what not to do.

  1. Negotiating the best deal

We help you negotiate the best deal, including salary, terms and conditions. We have the ‘inside scoop’ in that we work with salaries and positions every day so know what the market will bear.

  1. Ongoing communications

Our expert recruiters also guide you through every step of the recruitment process, so you know exactly where you stand and aren’t left in the dark. We return your calls. We send you emails. We make sure you’re on top of your job search. We’re there to help if it’s taking longer than you had hoped.

  1. Our services are confidential

Our services are 100% confidential so you needn’t fear that your boss (or anyone else for that matter) will find out you’ve registered with us and are actively looking for new opportunities.

face2face Recruitment is a highly experienced, multiple award-winning agency. We have just won a national award for Recruitment Services, with the Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2019.

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