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The top questions jobseekers ask recruiters

You’re looking for a job, a career change or are entering or re-entering the workforce. We know times are tough with COVID-19 wreaking havoc on Australia’s employment situation. Are there advantages in using a recruiter to help you find meaningful work?

Our Talent Manager, Marietta Rudolf, has compiled the top eight questions jobseekers ask about using a recruitment agency.

Here they are—and Marietta’s answers.

Do I have to pay for your service?

The great news is our service is free. Yes, that’s right. You don’t pay for our services, no matter where you are in Australia or what type or level of job you’re looking for.

How do we get paid? We receive a fee from your new employer once you start work. They pay us to find employees who have the hard and soft skills to suit the job at hand (read more about hard and soft skills).

Some jobseekers think we take a chunk out of each pay, but we don’t. You don’t pay anything to us, even for advice and assistance if you don’t land a role through us.

How do I register with you?

It’s easy to register with face2face and you can choose the way that best suits:

Online: Register online

Email: (general enquiries and/or to send your resume to us)

Call: 02 6199 5750

Do I need to book in to see someone, or can I just turn up?

You’ll need to book to see a talent manager or recruiter, especially because we’re keeping everyone’s safety with shifting COVID-19 restrictions. We’ll arrange for a face-to-face meeting, ZOOM or telephone call depending on your location.

How does it work with a recruitment agency after I register?

We partner with you and help you by:

Read more about these stages and other details on how we work.

What sectors/areas do you recruit in?

We find jobseekers work across all sectors and industries and from entry positions through to the most senior positions.

We have a dedicated business support unit and a dedicated ICT unit with specialist recruiters.

Do you write my resume for me?

Our recruiters help you refine and strengthen your resume. Our free resume templates are structured and designed so they’re easy for employers to review and digest. In addition to direct support from our recruiters, you’ll find it beneficial to read these expert articles on:

Make sure you don’t fudge your resume. Here’s why.

How long will it take you to find me a job?

There’s no exact answer to this question. The amount of time depends on your skills and the roles we have available. Some jobseekers are placed in two weeks and others in a couple of months. Some jobseekers who work with us initially find a role elsewhere, but that’s OK because we know we’ve helped them along their job hunting journey.

How long does it take to hear if I’ve been shortlisted and landed an interview?

We’ll keep you up-to-date throughout your recruitment journey. As soon as we have an update from an employer, we’ll let you know (usually within an hour).

Public sector

  • Once you’re selected and put forward to a government client, it can take two to three weeks to hear who they’d like to interview.
  • Once interviews are held, it could be another one to two weeks to find out who the employer wants to offer the position too.
  • After offering a position, it could take another four weeks to finalise your paperwork to start (sometimes this happens faster).

Private sector

  • Once we’ve submitted your application to the employer, we usually know within a week who they want to interview.
  • After your interview it can take a couple of days to a week for the employer to make an offer to the selected candidate.
  • Once the paperwork is completed, you’ll be right to start your new role in a few days.


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