COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the job market. Many have lost their jobs and some may still. Others have taken ‘iso time’ to ponder what they really want from work, even deciding to look for something new.

With job competition so tough, how can you stand out in the crowd?

Here are 6 practical actions to take …

Action 1—get your resume in top shape

Many jobseekers rely on  an old version of their resume to look for work. They may add in their latest role, but not critically examine or modernise their resume so it’s the best it can be. You should tailor your resume to every position you apply for. This is key given that most employers only scan resumes for a few seconds before rejecting them or putting them in the possibility basket.

Our recruiters know that writing your own resume can be a hard slog. That’s why we’re on hand to help. Also, check out our FREE:

Consider making a short video on your phone to send with your resume, to help get a faster response.

While it might be tempting in this particularly tight COVID-19 job market, never fudge your resume. Here’s why.

Action 2—stand out on LinkedIn

A strong LinkedIn profile is essential. If you don’t have on, set one up asap. If you have one, update and strengthen it, highlighting strengths and accomplishments, not just tasks. Again, speaking to a recruiter can help. Here are some tips:

  • include a photo showing you in a professional light—no selfie casual shots
  • identify key words to incorporate—strong and dynamic action words
  • share metrics and results—general statements will go unnoticed but stats on accomplishments will stand out
  • update with a statement that you’re looking for your next opportunity, to help people find you.

Action 3—clean up your social media profile

Do employers and recruiters look at jobseeker online profiles? They do.

How you look and act online says bucket loads about how you could operate in a workplace. It can sway an employer toward you or against you, without you even knowing it, so take time to cleanse your digital footprint.

Read our expert article on how to improve your online brand.

Action 4—sign up for new job notifications

These days, many jobs are filled so quickly they’re not even advertised. At face2face, we post all new jobs on our website and send everyone who has subscribed to out ‘latest jobs’ a free notification as new positions roll in. We currently have jobs in business support and ICT, from CEO level down.

This is a free service. It takes two minutes to sign up and you can unsubscribe when you’re no longer in the market. Let’s face it, if you’re not in the loop, you’re not in the loop.

Action 5—sign up with a recruiter

Great recruiters have great ideas about how to get you a dream job. They’ll uncover your story and help:

  • sharpen your resume
  • coach on interview techniques
  • help you think laterally about job possibilities.

We’ll get you ‘market ready’ for when jobs pop up.

These expert articles will help you understand why to use a recruiter and which type to select:

  1. Looking for work? Use a recruiter.
  2. Are all recruitment agencies equal?
  3. Choosing an award-winning recruiter.
  4. How to stand out like a star to a recruiter.

It only takes a tick to register with us online or you can email or call 02 6199 5750. We fill positions right across Australia, at all levels and in all sectors—public, private and not-for-profit.

Action 6—be prepared to be interviewed online

COVID-19 has made it impossible to always be interviewed face-to-face, so be prepared to be interviewed online, using Skype, Zoom or a similar platform. Here are tips:

  • dress professionally
  • look into the camera, not down into the screen
  • make sure distractions are taken care of, including children and pets
  • test all equipment and your Internet connection in advance
  • make sure the background behind you is suitable for others to see
  • work just as hard to prepare as you would if being interviewed in an office.

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