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Are all recruitment agencies equal?

The recruitment industry is fast paced. Every day is busy. Waves of jobs come in. Interviews are conducted. Positions are filled and then the cycle starts again.

Some job seekers feel lost in the shuffle. Some complain their phone calls are never returned. Some say they feel neglected.

Sound familiar?

face2face gets that not all recruitment agencies operate the same way or at the same level. This means it’s wise to choose an agency that stands out in the crowd. It’s wise to choose the one you feel most comfortable with … the one you’re confident will do the right thing as you seek work, whether it’s your first job, a new job, a career change or a promotion.

Our promise

Our promise is that we’ll do our very best to provide award-winning recruitment service. We just placed in the top echelon of businesses in Australia when we became a finalist for the ‘Medium and Making Waves’ category in the Telstra Business Awards. It was a privilege and motivates us to continue to be a highly responsive, attentive, recruitment agency.

Top pet peeves and how we handle them

Here are some top ‘pet peeves’ job seekers have about the recruitment industry and how we handle them. Some may be familiar to you.

Recruiters never bother to return phone calls

Our recruitment experts have key performance indicators relating to returning phone calls and our recruitment experts are held accountable for meeting these.

Recruiters only want to focus on jobs they know they can place quickly

The recruitment industry is traditionally built around a commission model, so the more jobs filled, the more money made. This can make job seekers feel like chattel more than people. We believe commission drives unhealthy competition. Our model is designed around putting people first, so our recruiters are free to provide the same level of service to all job seekers.

Recruiters only want to work with job seekers who have amazing resumes

We’re here to help all job seekers put their best foot forward by helping make resumes the best they can be. Our recruitment consultants provide individual advice and support to job seekers on how to write a professional resume. Also, our company values state we’ll help all levels and types of job seekers, no matter what the challenges. We also provide free copies of Resume Success Secrets, an Amazon #1 best seller written by our Managing Director, Kate Prior, to job seekers who visit us.

Recruiters never take time to understand what you do

Our recruiters are trained to get to know your story. We believe this is the only way we can help you find your dream job. This is so important we have a full-time Talent Manager with a strong background in recruitment and talent acquisition. Her role is to improve our offering to job seekers. She provides advice on resumes, possible direction and options. We also have a business support division and an ICT division which specialise in filling roles in their distinct areas.

Recruiters never give feedback

A big criticism of recruiters is that you never hear from them, even though you’ve taken valuable time to apply for a position. It’s not fair is it? face2face is 100 percent committed to providing you with regular feedback and will provide updates from employers within one hour of receiving it.

Recruiters love you and leave you

Many recruiters, once a candidate is placed in a job, disappear. You never hear from them again. At face2face our services continue after you start work. We want to make sure you’re settled and satisfied. To do this we maintain ongoing contact for up to four months for permanent placements and every six weeks throughout contracts.

Don’t take our word for it.

 Here’s what some job seekers have said about our service:

‘Our meeting the other day and your work with me has actually boosted my spirits greatly and got me feeling a lot more positive about the future.’

‘Thanks for finding me the position I was looking for. You have an excellent knowledge and approach to recruitment and guided me through the whole process with a lot of care, so I was able to follow through with confidence.’

‘I would like to thank you for restoring my faith in HR agencies, something I had lost a little of from poor experiences with other agencies.’

‘What a great experience! Arguably the best employment agency in Canberra. They really do care. From the receptionists to the consultants and more, you will be treated with respect and receive great advice on searching for employment and on what employers require.’

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