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Maximising productivity in self-isolation

You’re in self-isolation for two weeks because of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and can’t work from home because the organisation you’re working for doesn’t have tasks that can be completed from outside the offices or hasn’t given you that option. At first you do a fist pump thinking the break will be great. Then it dawns on you that boredom is more insidious than going to the office.

What to do?

Well, you can watch Netflix all day every day, or you can sit and worry. You can also decide to be productive, which will help you keep pleasantly busy and make the time pass more quickly. Check out this list of ideas our recruitment experts have come up …

Smarten up your LinkedIn profile

We’re often so busy at work we forget to keep our LinkedIn profile jazzed up. Take time to review it, update it and make it stronger. Also ‘link’ with other professionals and build your network. You never know when your contacts will come in handy.

 Update your resume

You may or may not be looking for a new job or a career change, but now is a great time to update your resume, in case Coronavirus causes you to want to or need to move on. Updating your resume means making it current and modern in appearance. Resume presentation changes over time so you’ll ensure yours is punchy, informative, inviting and good looking.

Stuck on ideas? Use one of our free resume templates and read Resume Success Secrets by our Chief Executive Officer, Kate Prior, which hit #1 on Amazon for its category quick sharp after being released. It’s packed with great ideas.

Tidy up your social media profile

As recruiters we’re often asked by jobseekers if employers really look at the ‘digital footprint’ of candidates. The answer is YES. Figures vary but some say more than 90 per cent of employers will search your online presence before deciding to interview you. You can bet that recruitment companies will too.

How you act online is important. It can sway an employer toward you or turn them against you—without you even knowing it—so tidy up your online presence and make sure there’s nothing that could give your potential employer a negative perspective about you as a potential employee. Here’s how.

Be on the move to move

If you’re thinking of changing jobs or careers, read expert articles on recruitment to broaden your horizons. At face2face, we publish a new expert article each week. Check them out.

Update and/or expand your skills

There are heaps of opportunities to update and/or expand your skills online, including through inexpensive short courses. You can also get coaching online. Have a look at the skills you need to focus on and go for it.

Sign up to a recruiter

If you’re not actively looking for a new job, it can still be beneficial to register with a professional recruitment company. Our service is free for jobseekers. Read about the benefits of signing up and getting your name out there. Here’s why we’re a pretty good choice.

Don’t worry about having to leave the house to connect with a recruiter. Our recruiters will chat to you by phone or use Skype, Facetime or other forms of technology to interview you (hint: don’t be wearing your pjs at the time).

Get personal stuff done

Why not get caught up on personal business while self-isolating? You know, all that stuff you don’t have time for when you’re working. Sorting out closets, paperwork, fixing things, organising things are all ways to pass the time quickly.

Don’t get lonely

Let’s face it, being in self-isolation or quarantine can be lonely, especially for certain personality types. Acknowledge that you’re in a different zone. Stay in touch with others on social media, email, by phone, and video calls—family, friends and colleagues. Even a five-minute chat will keep you connected. So take advantage of Skype, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and more.

Don’t overdose on COVID-19 news

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with news about COVID-19—online, on tv, on radio, in the papers. Avoid speculation, which can cause you to worry, by only relying on reputable sources on the outbreak, like the ABC and the World Health Organization, Australian Department of Health, or your state or territory government official website.

Limit your consumption and exposure. Relieve stress and anxiety by taking a break from the continual news feed.

Take care of your health

Stick to a routine, eat a balanced diet, walk up and down stairs, stretch, use any gym equipment you have at home. Dance your heart out to Spotify’s new COVID-19 Quarantine Party mix. Meditation is great too.

Other tips

  • Seek help if you’re facing financial trouble.
  • Seek help if you’re concerned about being overly anxious, lonely or isolated (Call Lifeline, Beyond Blue or other support services).
  • Be kind to yourself—read that huge novel you’ve never had time to read or sign up to some of the amazing Podcasts out there.

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