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Why choose a recruiter that makes waves?

Making a career decision is a big deal, whether you’re entering the workforce, re-entering, looking for a change or wanting to be promoted. There’s no doubt that a professional recruitment company can provide valuable support, but are all are created equally?

The answer is no.

At face2face Recruitment we work hard to stand out in the crowded recruitment space, believing candidates deserve only the best. We do so by making waves. By doing things differently. By daring to create our own path.

You can imagine how thrilled we were the day we received news that we had placed finalist for the Telstra Business Awards 2019, Making Waves category, medium sized business, Australian Capital Territory. Competition was stiff and we’re now one of four finalists looking forward to awards night on 19 September.

But why did we make finalist and what does this mean for YOU? Read on …

1. 100% Australian owned and operated

Some recruitment companies are international and don’t know the Australian market as well as we do. We’re firmly based here, finding you jobs in government, private and not-for-profit sectors.

2. Caring approach

Some recruitment companies are driven solely by profit and targets which can make them impersonal. For these companies, life is all about producing a return for shareholders. We’re the opposite. For us, recruitment is about people and relationships—face-to-face communications.

Our vision: Enriching lives and driving purpose by finding employers the best candidates and candidates meaningful work.

We also care about giving back to community. For example, we’ve supported the Red Cross for 13 years, RSPCA Canberra for 12 years and Salvation Army Canberra for 11 years.

3. We don’t work on commission

We don’t work on commission which means our sole focus is on YOU. This is rare in recruitment where the traditional commission-based model puts profits before people. We don’t believe this is healthy because it often pushes candidates into less-than-ideal positions just to close jobs. We put people first and believe business will follow.

4. Instant access to job opportunities that don’t make it to market

We have instant access to job opportunities that don’t even get advertised. We’re on 20 preferred supplier panels for recruitment, more than any other ACT recruiter our size. This give us access to more than 80 government departments, including big ones like ATO, AFP, NDIA and Digital Health. These national panels mean we’re in an excellent position to find you meaningful work anywhere in Australia.

5. We don’t just talk about our strong track record, we prove it

 We’re strong operators and statistics around our performance prove it. We’ve:

  • placed more than 4,000 people since opening
  • worked 11,000+ positions.
  • consistently achieved high conversation rates from resume to interview to placement.

6. Innovative

We use innovation to get you in front of employers. Our ‘60-seconds with face2face’ videos increase the number of candidates we place by 20%. They supplement traditional resumes, giving you an edge. They showcase your soft skills, which written resumes don’t. They produce amazing results:

  • 95% of candidates say these videos give them an upper hand
  • 100% of employers say they add value beyond written resumes.

7. Free tools and advice

Our Managing Director, Kate Prior, helps you with practical tips and advice through her book Resume Success Secrets, which shot to #1 best seller on Amazon in its category just two days after being released. Candidates who register with us get a free copy.

We run free workshops for:

  • candidates wanting their resume to shine, giving them a competitive edge
  • Indigenous, mature-aged and return-to-work candidates
  • marginalised job seekers.

We also:

8. Our multicultural, multi-generational team

We offer you diverse service through staff from:

  • 3 generations—Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Generation Ys or Millennials
  • 8 countries—Afghanistan, Australia, India, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, South Africa.

9. Strong candidate support

Unlike many other recruiters who place candidates and then move on to focus on their next commission, we provide thorough after-placement care. You’ll love it.

10. Multiple award winning

When looking for work, why not deal with an award-winning company? One of our most recent wins was the 2019 Australian Small Business Champion Awards for National Recruitment Services. We competed against other recruitment companies much larger than ourselves, some with 200+ staff. Our Managing Director, Kate Prior, also won a Bravery in Business Award, 2019 Women with Altitude awards.

11. Don’t take our word for it—read candidate feedback

Jobseekers are on record saying we:

  • have soul
  • listen carefully and get to know their story
  • look after them and have their best interests at heart
  • listen to what they need and get them what they want
  • are responsive (unlike other recruiters they’ve used)
  • get them a job, but also educate them on how to get the next one.

‘You’re the best agency I’ve worked with.’

‘I appreciate your warmth and interest in my working life. It’s rare anyone cares!’

‘After decades of contracting with Sydney recruiters, I thought the level of service I experienced was industry norm … until dealing with your exceptional service.’

 ‘I appreciate your fantastic service, speed and professionalism. I admire your industry knowledge, how you get to the point and deliver with maximum effect.’

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