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How to get a job without experience

It’s a conundrum for many entering the workforce, especially young people. You’re ready to start a career but can’t get a job until you have experience. But how do you get experience without a job?

The good news is there are ways to break this vicious cycle.

Seek support

As expert recruiters we help young people understand how recruitment works, which is important because it lessens stress and puts finding a job into perspective. In understanding the steps required, finding a job becomes more manageable—you feel comfortable taking one step at a time.

There are many reasons to use a recruiter and our services are free to all jobseekers. Learn more … including with our article ‘How to stand out like a star to a recruiter’.

Do some research—educate yourself

Our Managing Director has written an easy-to-read book on how to write a resume that gets you that job. It’s called Resume Success Secrets and hit #1 on Amazon in its category soon after being released. It’s worth buying a copy.

You can also trawl the other expert articles on our website to pick up information and tips on applying for jobs.

Resume brightening

Often young people can’t see the link between part-time work they’ve done while studying and jobs they’re now applying for.

Our recruiters have seen thousands and thousands of job specifications and resumes. We can see the links between your ‘soft skills’ and what an employer wants. We’ll support you in translating these into a winning resume.

You may have worked at a café, for example, but feel that’s irrelevant to a job that requires time-management skills. When you think of it, however, serving food and making coffee in a café is about time management—efficiency, speed and accuracy (not missing orders). With this type of job you also builds skills in dealing with difficult people, and learn how to communicate effectively. It also shows you’re used to responsibility and turning up for work

Another example is if you worked on a special fundraising event at uni while studying. This illustrates several skills, including your ability to promote an event, multi-task and raise money.

We also know how resumes should be presented so they’re the right length and professional. We have free templates and other tools.

Coaching for interview

While many young people may have been interviewed for a part-time job in hospitality or retail, applying for a full-time professional position is another matter. Our recruiters can coach you and help you:

Tips on your social media profile

Younger jobseekers love social media but aren’t always aware that posting certain types of information online can work against them. Employers will look at your ‘digital footprint’ so it’s best to tidy it up. Here’s how.

Be willing to start at entry level

Some young people feel tertiary education or a university degree means they shouldn’t have to accept an entry-level position. The reality is it’s easier to find a job when you have one, so think seriously before refusing a position. Once you’ve proven yourself, you’ll probably move to another level within 6 to 8 months, especially if you land a position in a larger firm.

Use your network

Take advantage of your networks. Spread the word that you’ve got a resume and are ready to get going on your career. Talk to people or email them but make sure you have an elevator pitch ready. You will want to use your parent’s networks as well.

Create a video

To stand out take a short video introducing yourself to your potential employer. Put it on a USB and drop it off to organisations you would like to work for. You may not get past reception at first, but your video will likely be passed to the right person who will take note of the effort you’ve put in.


Volunteer work, say with a charity, is a great way to establish contacts and build your skills. It also proves your enthusiasm for getting your career off on the right track.

Other ideas

Our recruiters can also make other recommendations, after they’ve met you for a face-to-face interview, on ways to get other skills while you’re looking for work—skills that will help you get your dream job.

It’s free to use our services, and is quick and easy to register with us or contact us.

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