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Five most popular expert articles for 2020

As professional recruiters, we’re regularly asked questions by jobseekers. It inspired us to write a weekly expert article for our website covering some of the most popular ones.

The articles are loaded with valuable information, recruitment tips, and advice on a wide range of topics. This includes looking for work, switching careers, transferring skills, writing resumes, how best to interview, and working in the public sector and more.

Guess how many we’ve articles we’ve published so far? Well over 100. In this one, we’re introducing the most popular five for 2020, as rated by you, our readers. Enjoy!

Security clearances: Your starter guide

If you’re looking for work in government, chances are you’ve heard about security clearances. It’s a topic that may make you feel your hands are tied.

What are security clearances? Do you need one? How do you get one? Who issues them? What do they cost? So many questions pop up.

Our recruiters pulled together a starter guide to demystify the security clearance process. Extra, extra read all about it.

You might also want to read this f2f article: Are your hands tied over security clearances?

Nailing the one-page written pitch

Heard of an elevator pitch—the 30 seconds you have to describe what you do, its value and build intrigue?

Well now a written version—the one-page pitch—is increasingly important. Many government departments, like Prime Minister & Cabinet, are asking for written one-pagers as part of their recruitment process.

This expert article explores what this new written pitch is, why it’s a priority for a prospective employers, why it’s important to you, and how to nail writing the perfect one-page pitch.

References dos and don’ts

As recruiters we know how valuable it is for jobseekers to learn about references.

If you’re looking for work, seeking a promotion, wanting a new career, re-entering the workforce or entering for the first time, you’ll want to follow do’s and don’ts so you don’t mess up.

This expert article also answers the questions we’re frequently asked about references, including:

Should I include referees on my resume?

Who should I include as referees?

My last boss and I didn’t get along and I don’t want to include them as a referee. What do I do?

Who contacts my referees?

What information do I include in my resume for referees?

22 most frequently asked interview questions

You’re heading to a job interview and want to be the one selected for the job, right?

Well, our recruiters compiled the top 22 questions candidates are frequently asked at interview. Considering these before your interview will improve your performance, making you an impressive candidate indeed.

Before your interview, also remember to:

  1. Control your breathing. Allowing oxygen to go to your brain which enables you to think better and control nerves.
  2. Be prepared so you perform confidently.
  3. Never rush when answering questions—take your time.
  4. Stay calm and carry on.

For more practical, tips, check out Resume Success Secrets: How to Write a Resume That Gets the Job!, written by our Chief Executive Officer, Kate Prior. This book shot to #1 on Amazon in its category when released. You can buy a copy here.

Do you want a dream job in the APS?

This expert article starts by busting myths about working in the APS. Many in the private sector are convinced APS positions are cushy positions. Amazing pay. No pressure. Flex time. But are these attributes all true?

This expert article also gets you assessing if you really want to enter the public sector and, if so, why. It encourages you to think about:

  • testing your motivation
  • the type of work you want
  • working through your talent and skills
  • making sure your resume clarifies how your skills match selection criteria
  • registering with a recruitment agency.

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