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Employers: Why use a scribe?

Whether recruiting for government, the private sector or not-for-profit roles, using a specialist scribe has many benefits.

This expert article, written for you as an employer, explores the world of scribing. It delves into frequently asked questions face-to-face Recruitment (f2f) is asked about scribes, including what they do and their importance to high-quality, strategic recruitment. It also outlines how knowledgeable, experienced scribes can support you in ways you may not have considered. This includes for individual positions and larger recruitment rounds. It includes all levels of recruitment.

f2f scribes come from a wide range of backgrounds and offer deep knowledge across all sectors. They provide full scribing services to organisations, large and small, across Australia. Some have been scribing for over 20 years and have completed over 600 assignments.

How do scribes add value?

Imortantly, reputable scribes free you to focus on finding the most qualified and capable candidates. Our professional scribes also:

  • save you time and money
  • take the load off panel members by taking care of fussy detail
  • support selection committees to make sound decisions
  • provide comprehensive notes and reports
  • help you manage risk and deadlines.

 What do scribes do?

Taking reliable and detailed minutes for selection committee members is a core scribe service. But our scribes do so much more.

Depending on your needs, you might need a scribe to manage:

Application management

  • shortlisting candidates
  • ranking candidates
  • coordinating and scheduling interviews (with candidates and panel members)
  • taking comprehensive, accurate notes
  • using eRecruit systems

 Reports and interview attendance

  • attending interviews
  • writing individual assessment reports
  • preparing comparative assessment reports
  • serving as interview panel member
  • preparing selection advisory committee reports
  • preparing merit selection reports
  • providing data analytics in dashboards

Post interview

  • conducting reference checks and verifications
  • providing candidates with feedback
  • notifying unsuccessful candidates
  • notifying candidates selected for merit lists

Assessment centres

  • facilitating assessment centres
  • arranging or coordinating individual candidate assessments

Other services

f2f scribes provide multiple other services, including:

  • developing job descriptions
  • designing interview questions
  • manage unbundled services
  • facilitate assessment centres
  • confirming citizenship and security clearances
  • organising gamification assessments
  • analysing data and creating dashboard reports.

Contact f2f for a list of all the other scribing services we offer:

What qualities should I look for in a scribe?

f2f scribes guarantee these essential skills:

  • excellent time management
  • attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines
  • strong communication, listening and rapport-building skills
  • demonstrated writing skills, including with reports
  • ability to triage competing priorities
  • ability to work independently
  • experience with Microsoft and collaborative tools.

Our scribes have a reputation for being:

  • reliable and respected
  • flexible and focused
  • committed and comprehensive
  • thorough and trusted
  • personable and professional.

I’ve never used a scribe before. What support is available?

Our Scribe Project Manager and Scribe Project Support guide new panel members on correct recruitment processes. We also provide advice if you are using a scribe for the first time.

 How do scribes add value to APS recruitment?

Scribing in the APS supports recruitment based on mandatory merit principles, for ongoing and non-ongoing employees at all levels. These principles support government to attract and select the most qualified people.

When choosing a scribe, look for one with APS experience. Our scribes have multiple years of experience across more than 100 government departments for individual positions, bulk rounds, and graduate campaigns. Many are former career public servants, including at Executive Level 1 and 2 positions. Some are recruitment experts, and all have served on recruitment panels. They understand merit-based selection and APS Values.

What type of scribes does f2f manage?

f2f manages a team of 20 scribes who provide timely, flexible, responsive services. They come from diverse backgrounds and offer a range of skills and experiences. Importantly, for government employers, most of our scribes have worked in the APS.

For over 12 years, f2f scribes have worked on over 2,000 assignments. Collectively, all our scribes have worked on over 5,000 assignments during their careers. This includes for more than 100 government departments. Private and not-for-profit organisations also count on us for competitive pricing, value-for-money, and responsive scribe services.

How do I engage a scribe? 

Simply contact us on or call Marietta or Vicki on 02 6199 5750.

Note for government organisations

f2f is on national government-preferred supplier panels, such as the Australian Digital Health Agency, Australian Federal Police, Australian Taxation Office and The People Panel. We are also on the BuyICT and NSW Contingent Workforce panels.


Want a copy of the f2f’s capability statement on scribing?

Email f2f’s dedicated scribe team on:

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