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Employers: Best recruitment techniques Part 2

There’s so much to consider when recruiting top talent. Are your recruitment techniques modern and relevant or old-fashioned and behind-the-times?

The answer is all-important given the competitive employment market. Organisations are jockeying for the best candidates and the working world undergoing seismic shifts.

Best-practice recruitment strategies don’t solely focus on what your organisation can get out of the job market. They focus on what you offer candidates.

In our expert article on the latest recruitment techniques (Part 1), we explored topics like the need for your recruitment strategy to:

  • cover culture
  • incorporate lateral thinking on skills
  • be on top of trends
  • consider mature workers
  • and more.

This expert article (Part 2) explores other important, modern recruitment techniques.

Are you using a recruiter?

Hiring is time consuming and expensive. Using a professional recruiter can save you on both fronts. Advantages of using a recruiter like face2face also include:

  • leveraging their expertise and in-depth knowledge
  • coaching on strategies and methodologies
  • providing value-for-money
  • providing post-placement services
  • leveraging innovative thinking.

While recruitment companies can save you time, money and effort at all stages of hiring, not all are created equal. Some are stuck in their ways. They’ve bedded down processes and just stick to them. They don’t think outside the square. As an employer investing in recruitment, you want a contemporary company with creative approaches.

Talk to recruiters about their creative approaches. Ask how they tap into online tools like websites and social media to advertise your roles. Also ask about other innovative approaches they apply.

Is your recruitment material professionally written and targeted?

You can’t afford to be blasé with your recruitment material. It must be slick, sharp and targeted to stand out. This is critical with job descriptions as a main tool for attracting active and passive candidates. Don’t assign the writing of your recruitment package to a junior. Consider using a professional writer or a professional (and strategic) recruiter to make your recruitment material shine.

Is your recruitment mobile friendly?

Many candidates—especially Millennials and Gen Z—use their mobiles to search and apply for positions and they want it to be quick and easy. Is your organisation set up for this?

Check with IT experts on making recruitment processes mobile friendly and get them to research cost-effective recruitment apps.

Do you use video interviewing and screening?

Video interviewing is a great way to get to know candidates better, including personality traits and cultural fit. Videos can knock down barriers imposed by geographic constraints. They also save the time and money needed to bring candidates in for face-to-face interviews. Many organisations are realising that face-to-face interviews aren’t always possible (including for reasons like COVID-19) so they use video methods so they don’t miss a gold-nugget candidate.

Note: face2face was a forerunner in using videos as a value add for employers. Our “60 seconds with face2face” videos have even persuaded employers to consider candidates they wouldn’t have based on hard copy resumes alone.

Are you leveraging data effectively?

Many organisations have databases, but forget to deep dive into them to uncover potential candidates (internal and external).

Besides sourcing candidates, data can help identify recruitment trends and gain insights, which you can use to sharpen your recruitment strategy and recruitment activities.

Are you using Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruitment saves time and saves handling repetitive, tedious recruitment tasks. One way AI achieves this is by scanning high volumes of resumes and cover letters efficiently to find quality candidates. Some larger organisations are using AI in chatbots to communicate with candidates and set up interview times. AI is also being used to interview.

Note: If your organisation can’t afford an investment in AI, use a recruitment agency to save time and money on wading through hundreds of applications.

Have you invested in an Applicant Tracking System?

As a modern, progressive recruitment agency, face2face leverages technology to track large volumes of applicants (and other recruitment processes) efficiently and effectively, so employers don’t lose out.

If you’re not using a recruitment agency, consider effective tools like an Applicant Tracking System to help with your recruitment. Such tools place a wealth of information at your fingertips. Many such tools are on the market.

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