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Applying for work during COVID-19

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the workplace landscape, including how jobseekers find work.

It’s no secret that unemployment is high, and competition is stiff, but jobs are still being filled, including interesting positions in areas responsible for supporting Australians during the pandemic.

What does this mean for you as a jobseeker?

At face2face our Business Support and Information Communications and Technology (ICT) recruitment experts have brainstormed how you can stand out in this uncertain job environment.

Be open to new types of work

Show employers you’re adaptable and can embrace change and new situations. Think laterally about your skills. Be open to possibilities. Recently, for example, we submitted 80 applications for a large number of new call centre jobs the Australian Government needs to fill urgently. We talked to jobseekers from the airline industry, retail and other customer service industries about how their skills would fit these positions.

In the past month, we have worked on 150 roles, some with multiple positions, and in the public and private sectors With the public sector, roles ranged from APS1 to EL2. We also recently filled an SES role. These roles covered many areas including policy, finance, ICT programmers, business analysis, project management, executive assistant, administration, call centre and record keeping.

With the private sector, roles ranged from Chief Executive Officer, medical reception, managers, administration, executive assistant and real estate positions.

Here’s more information on thinking laterally about your skills.

Don’t be complacent

Talk to your recruiter about how to stand out in the field. When you’re competing against a large volume of other applicants (can be more than 100), a short video taken on your phone is quick to execute and can make your application shine. Employers get to see how professionally you present yourself. They’ll appreciate you’ve gone that extra mile to enhance the traditional written resume approach.

Learn more about why using a professional recruitment agency can help you find your dream job.

Think strategically

Make your resume concise and tailored to each position you apply for. This is even more important today. Check job specs and ads for key words and weave them into your resume before applying. If your recruiter or prospective employer searches for these words, they’ll pop up.

Here are tips for creating a fabulous resume.

Be proactive

Online interviews are increasingly popular, with COVID-19 in place. Ensure your resume states you’re willing to be interviewed online. Then get ready to smash it during your online interview.

Discover how to shine during an online interview.

Demonstrate resilience and ability to adapt to change

The workplace is more fluid than ever, so you need to be flexible working from home or in an office or a combination. Employers appreciate resilient and agile jobseekers. It’s therefore important to showcase examples in your resume of when you’ve put aside normal work to deal with an organisational challenge, and how you’ve done so without complaining. Also highlight how you’ve been proactive in supporting organisational goals during difficult times.

Read more about how to sharpen your resume.

Research and be prepared

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again … research the organisation you want to work for to understand their vision, mission, values and goals.  Prepare, prepare, prepare for your interview so you’re confident and can control your nerves.

Here’s how to prepare for interview in today’s crowded job market, including with the ‘Star technique’.

Be flexible with your rate

Think about whether it’s best to stick firm to your hourly rate or salary or whether, given the high volume of jobseekers on the market, it’s better to be a bit flexible about your wages. Our ICT recruitment experts encourage contractors, for example, to assess if it’s wiser to land a job by reducing their hourly rate (by, say, $5) or remain unemployed for the sake of making an extra $40 a day.

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