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Kate opened face2face after building her skills in a range of well-known, reputable recruitment organisations. With Iocore—which provided enterprise-level ICT and business services on a global basis—Kate managed the company’s Professional Development Division and IT Recruitment Division. With Hudson Global Resources—a worldwide leader in recruitment and human resource consulting services—Kate managed the ICT, HR/Administration Support Recruitment and Finance divisions.

While at these organisations, Kate serviced recruitment needs globally, including in New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. Through this work, Kate developed skills in servicing clients located all over the world from a central location in Australia. Today she uses these same skills to provide recruitment services nationally from her central location in Canberra.

Kate has also worked at The Green & Green Group—executive search, recruitment and human resource management specialists—where she was selected for her excellent and proven track record in recruitment.

Throughout her career, Kate has always emphasised continual professional development and invested thousands of dollars in learning, including in business studies, leadership training, digital marketing media and digital authoring.

Kate has completed a 12-day Mastery University course and a 5-day Business Mastery course with internationally renowned American life coach and author Tony Robbins. She has also completed a 5-day Joint Venture course with businessman, coach and author Kerwin Rae.

To enable face2face to remain innovative, Kate completed a 5-day digital marketing media course with Steve Brossman, ranking in the 10 video marketing influencers for 2012. She uses these techniques to enable her company to provide clients with a strong point of difference—the valuable ’60 seconds with face2face’ recruitment videos.

Kate is also a member of several professional associations, including the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association, the leading industry and professional body for recruitment and human resources services in Australia and New Zealand (more than 4,000 members). She was the Chair of the ACT branch for 1.5 years.

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