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What to do with the ‘Monday blues’

You’ve had a fabulous weekend, hanging out with family and friends. But as Sunday ended you found yourself in a slump over the thought of going back to a job you’re not keen on and into a workplace you don’t love.

You woke up this morning and are suffering a bad case of the Monday blues.

Chucking a sickie isn’t the answer because then you’ll get a bad case of the Tuesday blues and set yourself up to have a bad referee from your employer should you ever need one.

The best way to deal with a job that doesn’t make you happy is to find other work, in a place that’s rewarding, supportive and inspiring.

As recruiters we regularly see people who aren’t happy with their job. Many are frustrated because they don’t know where to start.

We’re here to help. We believe there’s a job for everyone and will stick by you until we find it.

In the meantime, here are steps you can take to avoid the Monday blues.

  1. Don’t go it alone

Searching for jobs can be isolating if you try to do it alone. Register with a recruiter and set up an appointment. It can’t hurt to have a chat and it doesn’t cost anything. It’s also confidential. Recruiters are great supporters and the best ones will stay with you through your job search.

We estimate that about half of all roles go through a recruiter so you’re missing out on heaps of opportunities if you’re not registered with at least one.

During your initial meeting with face2face, we’ll explain how the recruitment process works. We’ll get to know you as a person and where you want to go. We’ll inspire you with ideas and new ways of looking at your skills and experience. Trust us, after this first meeting you’ll have a spring in your step.

  1. Make a list and check it twice

Your recruiter will discuss what you need to do to stand out in the marketplace. This could include updating your:

  • LinkedIn profile, to include your current responsibilities and latest achievements (don’t post that you’re looking for a new job unless you’ve finished up with your employer!).
  • Resume (content and look and feel—see our free templates.

You may need a cover letter and might want to familiarise yourself with a job tracker and reference check template. You’ll also need to tidy up your social media presence.

Don’t let all of this get you down. Make a list and slowly complete everything on it.

  1. Survive while searching

You might not instantly find the job of your dreams which means you need ways to survive while searching. Whatever you do, don’t give up on performing well at work while you search for a position elsewhere. Poor performance could affect your ability to get a great reference.

Instead, put your job in perspective by continually reminding yourself that there is a way out and you will find it. Stay in touch with your recruiter for encouragement and support.

  1. Avoid dropping obvious hints that you want out

Don’t spend time on your computer at work trawling through Seek. Don’t show up in a suit if you never normally wear one to work. Don’t tell colleagues that you’re looking to move on. Don’t start tidying up your desk and removing personal items. Instead, just stay calm and carry on.

  1. Schedule interviews and appointments outside work hours

This isn’t always going to be possible but aim to have interviews and meetings with your recruiters on lunch breaks or before or after work.

  1. Don’t adopt an ‘I don’t care’ attitude

This will be a red flag that you may be looking to get out. You may need to use your boss or a colleague as a reference check so don’t do anything to turn them off.

Also, remember that you’re part of a team and have a responsibility to carry your weight. It’s the professional and fair thing to do.

  1. Do what you can to balance work and home life

Even small steps can help you shift things so you can enjoy time away from work more and tolerate time at work more. Focus on doing a good job while at work. Focus on play and fun to keep you going after work.

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