How do we work?

face2face guarantees a consistent service delivery approach. We confidently do so because we use an established methodology to perform our work. We back this methodology with extensive operating policies and procedures, which staff are fully trained on and required to apply.

Our consistent delivery approach begins with our 18-step methodology.

Step 1

Assess recruitment needs, including reviewing job description, selection criteria, duty statement and other information.

Step 2

Discuss requirements with you to ‘dig deeper’ by clarifying points and scoping details on technical skills, team size, work culture, soft skills (personality type, cultural fit). This can include a site visit.

Step 3

Check our data base first for what we call ‘market-ready’ candidates. We send the resumes of these pre-qualified candidates to you (thereby skipping several steps below).

If market-ready candidates do not suit the assignment, we extend our database search and/or advertise the requirement through SEEK (Australia’s largest job board) or other mechanisms like LinkedIn.

Step 4

Respond to all enquiries and requests for information during the advertising period.

Once applications are received, we send detailed job information. If we find a potential applicant through a database search, we send detailed job information.

Step 5

Acknowledge all resumes in writing.

Step 6

If not market ready, conduct initial screening of candidates by:

  • addressing questions about information distributed
  • conducting preliminary interviews by phone against selection criteria
  • assessing personal suitability to the work culture.

Step 7

Rank and shortlist strongest and most suitable candidates for interview with face2face.

Step 8

face2face interviews most suitable candidates in person or on Skype.

Collect copies of formal qualifications, photo identification and proof of citizenship.

Create ‘60 seconds with face2face‘ video for highest quality candidates, if time permits, and if you want this value-add service (there is no extra cost but the value add is well worth it, especially since it streamlines the process and lessens the chance of losing quality candidates).

Step 9

Conduct skills test and assessment if required.

Advise candidate on the need for a police check.

Step 10

Conduct reference checks – two as a minimum and three if required. Use Equifax as a third-party check if we have concerns on candidate history.

Step 11

Re-rank shortlisted candidates on scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the top score.

Select top three to five candidates with each requiring a ranking of 7 or above to be eligible for formal interview with the client.

Step 12

Convert resumes of successful potential candidates into standard face2face format, so you can easily compare content across resumes (value add service).

Step 13

Prepare overviews covering all shortlisted candidates. Our recruitment consultants write 10 to 12 dot points covering strengths, matching requirements and summarising soft skills not immediately obvious by looking only at a written resume.

Discuss package of information with you.

Step 14

Once you’ve decided which candidates to interview, schedule interviews and provide reminders and confirmation times/details to candidates and your organisation.

Step 15

After you select candidate and send us relevant paperwork, we organise start date and finalise arrangements with selected candidate, if required.

Step 16

Notify all applicants of selection process outcome in writing and provide constructive feedback on their performance throughout the recruitment process.

Step 17

Conduct follow-up with you and the candidate post placement – for every job – to ensure the placement is working well. This is in line with our key performance indicators and is outlined in our service level agreements.

Note: We have service level agreements for clients, candidates registered with us and candidates placed by us. Our candidate agreement requires us to conduct the first follow-up with a phone call on start day, followed by a personal visit after the first week, then a personal contact every four weeks for three months and then every six weeks until the end of the contract (as applicable).

It is extremely refreshing to come across such motivated and passionate people like yourselves. You listen, take the time to understand our business and send us relevant resumes rather than just flicking resumes across that are not suitable which I am experiencing from another recruiter. Thank you.

HR Manager, one of Canberra’s largest private sector organisations