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How to Interview Well


So you did a great job with your resume and secured an interview. Now what?People flounder in interviews when they don’t prepare properly. They lose out on that awesome job. Don’t let this happen to y [...]

How to Interview Well2018-09-17T21:27:27+10:00

The power of body language


Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” — standing in a posture of confid [...]

The power of body language2018-09-17T21:28:02+10:00

Download a Reference Check Template


Providing referees and having reference checks completed are an important part of the recruitment process, as it helps potential employers get to know you and how you work from previous manage [...]

Download a Reference Check Template2019-04-16T09:10:13+10:00

Download a Resume Template


Need to create a standout resume but not sure how? Download a resume template to help create your perfect resume. Creating your perfect resume can be tricky, so we've [...]

Download a Resume Template2020-07-07T15:20:49+10:00

Great places to work: face2face Recruitment


Managing Director Kate Prior shares her secrets to maintaining a vibrant, unique work culture in a very competitive industry. Read the full article on the inner compass website [...]

Great places to work: face2face Recruitment2018-09-17T21:29:26+10:00

How to write a fabulous resume


The current job market is highly competitive and there are thousands of people looking for work. This means that the potential employer might spend on average 60 – 90 seconds on an initial scan thr [...]

How to write a fabulous resume2018-09-17T21:30:03+10:00

6 Reasons employees will stay


1. Manager/Supervisor: Employees will quickly leave if they cannot respect their supervisor.  They seek managers who will listen.  Managers who are positive, provide a clear vision and drive an exc [...]

6 Reasons employees will stay2018-09-17T21:45:09+10:00

7 simple steps to keep valuable new staff?


Send an email to your team welcoming your new member. Provide an overview of their background and interests. Organise a morning tea, team lunch or a welcome hamper on their first day. Make sure the [...]

7 simple steps to keep valuable new staff?2013-11-28T09:49:40+11:00
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