What is the Digital Marketplace?


“This is an important change in the way [the] government has traditionally done business. It’s a new platform for businesses and government to work together in a creative and flexible way” Angus Taylor Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation.

The Marketplace is an ecosystem where government buyers can publish briefs with their requirements, suppliers can respond, and two-way collaboration can take place.

I see The Marketplace as a mixture of Ebay and Uber for government. Government agencies outline what they are after, when they need it and their budget. Registered sellers then present their proposal on how they can best solve the problem within the set parameters.

The Marketplace was created as part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda to make it easier for start-ups and SMEs to compete for the Government’s $5.6 billion yearly ICT spend.

“The Marketplace levels the playing field for sellers who may not previously have worked with government and through increased competition, helps government buyers get greater value for money.” DTA interim Chief Executive Officer Nerida O’Loughlin

The Marketplace will soon allow government buyers to launch challenges to solve digital business problems, and for suppliers to pitch creative ideas to solve them. This will allow government to create blue sky thinking opportunities, giving businesses the chance to develop innovative digital solutions for government.

When launching The Marketplace, Angus Taylor, Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, explained;

“We need procurement processes that encourage innovation, that are actually encouraging service providers and government to constantly look at new and clever ways of doing things.”

Currently there are 376 registered government buyers from 92 agencies and 254 approved sellers. Agencies that have used the Marketplace include: Department of Health, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Digital Transformation Agency, Workers Compensation Independent Review Office and The City of Casey.

The Marketplace platform launched its beta stage on 29 August 2016. In February 2017, The Marketplace opened to an unlimited number of sellers in an increased number of categories including; strategy and policy; user research and design; agile delivery and governance; software engineering and development; support and operations; content and publishing; change, training and transformation; marketing, communications and engagement; cyber security; data science; emerging technologies; support and operations; content and publishing and Recruitment.

Registered buyers create an opportunity on The Marketplace that can be open to all or open to selected and will include:

  • An overview of the brief including a short summary, dates, location and budget.
  • Why the work is being done, the key problem that needs to be solved, the users and their needs.
  •  Essentials skills and experience required.
  • How sellers will be evaluated and the weighting of technical competence, cultural fit and price.
  • To make it easier for start-ups and SMEs to compete for the government’s $5.6 billion a year ICT spend.

Any interested seller can submit their response electronically through The Marketplace.

It will be interesting to see the progress of The Marketplace in making procurement simpler, clearer faster, more innovative, benefiting both buyers and sellers.

Lucas Walker - ICT Client Relationship Manager