face2face Recruitment’s insights on the ICT market’s candidate supply and demand relationship.

  • We are currently observing an oversupply of Business Analysts and Project Managers candidates.
  • There is a shortfall of developers especially in .NET, SAP and Java.
  • There is a strong demand for all architects in particular candidates with a NV1 or above security clearance.
  • In the testing space we are seeing supply meeting demand.

What this means for clients

Clients may need to consider paying above market rates or offering other additional benefits to attract the top developers and architects.

What this means for contractors

If you are a Business Analyst or Project Manager and need to start a contract before September, you may want to consider requesting a lower rate than what you’ve been on previously .

Where to from here

These balances may change later in August when Departments release their strategic plans. We expect this to coincide with more roles coming to market when projects have been given approval.

If you want to discuss what these implications mean to you or any other market related questions please contact me.

Lucas Walker - ICT Client Relationship Manager