When face2face Recruitment swung open its doors for business in 2005, the future was bright. Founder Kate Prior believed some parts of the recruitment industry were becoming impersonal. She was determined to reverse the problem with genuine face-to-face services.

As with any business, face2face has experienced highs and lows. During COVID-19, face2face kept all employees on the books without receiving Job Keeper assistance. Today the team is blossoming. face2face’s team of many talents now numbers over 25 and the business works nationally, regionally, locally, and in rural and remote parts of Australia.

The next chapter of the story

The next chapter in the face2face story is now being written.

Kate has moved into a CEO role and Jade Hansen, who has worked with face2face for 3.5 years, is the new General Manager. Jade has a Master of Business Administration in Business and Marketing. She has strong business acumen and more than 20 years’ experience across many industries. Jade also has a sharp client focus.

Get to know Jade in this interview and learn about her vision for face2face and the employers and jobseekers it serves.

What’s your vision for taking face2face to another level? 

face2face will retain its focus on people and purpose but we’re geared up to grow. That includes increasing business volume, bringing on new clients, filling more senior roles, and developing our team so they excel. I’m passionate about, and focused on, a supportive environment with space for employees to be the best they can be, personally and for the company.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Empathic, decisive, and open is how I would describe my leadership style. face2face can only succeed in this highly competitive market if the team is happy, motivated and believe their work is meaningful.

My leadership style evolves around effective communications, a flexible approach and diversity in thinking—every employee deserves to be heard in a safe space that encourages opinions and ideas.

My leadership style drives this. It sets the standard for a positive, dedicated team proud to be part of face2face. Having worked my way up through the business, I have a deep understanding of our value and the value of bringing the team alongside me as we continue to innovate and push forward.

Describe f2f’s culture?

It’s exciting to see our enthusiastic team united in our vision, mission and values. We truly do enrich lives and drive purpose by connecting quality employers with talented jobseekers through innovative recruitment and exemplary service.

What benefits do you bring employers looking for talent?

Communications is a huge benefit. We don’t just process requests. And we don’t assume–we ask questions.

face2face is skilled at two-way communications with employers and asking meaningful questions, so we gauge where they fit in the market, support them to predict future needs and think about recruitment as a long-term strategic priority with endless possibilities. Visits with employers–face2face–is essential and we invest time in this.

We also engage in effective communications with jobseekers and think laterally about their experience, transferable skills and hard and soft skills. Because we’re not commission-based, like many other recruitment firms, our recruiters are free to support jobseekers with priorities like quality resumes and interview skills. We coach and mentor.

face2face invests in our recruitment consultants because of this. We need our recruiters to be well informed and educated on trends in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. That includes with positions at all levels and in all industries.

What do you love most about the fast-paced recruitment industry?

I enjoy working with diverse talent. I love that every day is different. I also love the challenge of creating systems and processes that position us to deal with the fast-paced nature of recruitment. There’s never a dull moment.

In my new role as General Manager, I have a new set of responsibilities. I no longer work roles every day so can get out there and talk to employers and our contractors.

Nurturing the team to match top talent to the right position will always remain a favourite part of the industry. It’s rewarding to get those wins.

What do you love most about face2face as a company?

I love face2face’s resilience and determination to remain competitive, no matter how hard life gets. We’ve been through tough times, including economic downturns, changes in government and policies and, most recently, a global pandemic. While it might have slowed us down, it hasn’t stopped us.

Our CEO, Kate Prior, has set an example for all of us. She truly believes that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.