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Private sector and not-for-profit

As a private or not-for-profit organisation, you depend on reliable recruitment to get moving. face2face has years of proven experience with your unique requirements. We work at all position levels, in all industries and sectors, nationally, regionally and locally.

If given a choice, wouldn’t you back a winner? Award-winning face2face provides professional and tailored services to government, private and not-for-profit organisations, saving time, money and wasted effort. How? By placing the best candidates into the best positions, quickly and efficiently, using our extensive database of more than 30,000 candidates.

What is private and not-for-profit expertise can you count on? Our seasoned recruitment consultants have:

  •   successfully placed candidates in more than 80 private sector organisations
  •   placed staff into temporary, contract and permanent positions, locally and nationally
  •   worked on more than 9,000 positions.

Sample of private and not-for-profit roles