How to light up your IT resume to get noticed.

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4 tips to make your resume standout

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Are your hands tied over government security clearances?

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If you’re looking to work in or in the Australian Government, whether in the capital or nationally, you need to get your head around the matter of security clearances. It’s important because today around half of temporary, contract and non-ongoing roles in the Australian Public Service require security clearances. And a large percentage of IT positions do too.

face2face Recruitment completed research from 2010 to 2016 on security clearances. The research revealed a sharp increase in demand by the Australian Government.

This blog explains what a security clearance is, what types exist, what the stats are, why they’re needed and how you might get a clearance.

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New to interviewing candidates? How to impress them.

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You need to impress the candidates as much as they need to impress you, so make sure you are prepared.

Here are 12 tips to get it right.

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How to Interview Well

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So you did a great job with your resume and secured an interview. Now what?

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How do you on board a new team member?

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Wow, you did it. You worked so hard, investing time and resources to find that elusive, talented new employee who has the skills you need and who fits your company’s culture. High five to you.

But this is just the start. Now you must keep your new starter on board.

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Kate’s #1 Best Seller – Resume Success Secrets – Now Available!

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Congratulations to our Managing Director Kate Prior on the success of her first book, Resume Success Secrets, #1 Best Seller on Amazon!

Resume Success Secrets

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Tips for public service graduates about to start work

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Starting a public service grad position? Leave the txt speak at home. Srsly. Via The Canberra Times.

6 Reasons employees will stay


1. Manager/Supervisor:

Employees will quickly leave if they cannot respect their supervisor.  They seek managers who will listen.  Managers who are positive, provide a clear vision and drive an excellent internal culture.

Employees want managers to take action and be fair in their dealings with staff.  If something isn’t right, a manager is expected to quickly find a resolution and diffuse the problem.

Employees don’t want Managers who micro manage.  Employees want to be properly trained and mentored and then trusted to complete their tasks. Continue Reading

7 simple steps to keep valuable new staff?


  1. Send an email to your team welcoming your new member. Provide an overview of their background and interests.
  2. Organise a morning tea, team lunch or a welcome hamper on their first day.
  3. Make sure their business cards, desk, log-ins are all set up prior to starting.
  4. Take the time to take them out for a coffee and ask how they are finding their new job.
  5. Provide feedback weekly in the first month on how they are performing.
  6. Provide instant recognition when they do well.
  7. Have a new employee induction program.

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